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9 Celebrity Myths People Still Believe

Rumors about famous people started going around long before the Internet was invented, and once it came into existence, the Web was flooded with endless juicy celebrity gossip. Some of it has become so hip that people actually started to believe it. Loopfy found 9 ridiculous stories and concluded that there can, in fact,

These Are The World’s Laziest Countries It is all about the study and research Somehow, there is always a standard statistics when it comes to world’s countries, like the richest ones, the best countries to live in, the most dangerous ones and so on. However, the recent study took a

16 Cool Signs Explaining the Difference Between M and F

Even when it comes to such little things as bathroom signs, truly talented people find ways to express their creativity. Of course, the trick here is not to make it too subtle, or people might walk into the wrong bathroom in confusion. Loopfy found some very clever bathroom signs which did an excellent job at that. © imgur

The Strictest Food And Drink Laws You Should Be Aware Of Consider these facts during the next trip If you travel to Italy – you definitely look for pizza and glass of Perno. Those traveling to Mexico, don’t leave the country without a shot of tequila, right? Some countries are truly connected with their cuisine

The Most Expensive And Coolest Celebrity Cars

Superstar celebrities don’t just drive around in their eco friendly, economical Volkswagen. They own some of the coolest and most outrageously expensive vehicles on the planet. Here we present the most expensive and coolest celebrity vehicles ever! Megan Fox Mecedez Benz G550 Since her breakout

The 12 Most Famous Offspring of Screen Heroes

When filming new parts of cult cinema franchises, the characters grow, develop, and even manage to acquire offspring. Loopfy decided to collect the 12 most famous offspring of screen heroes. Read to the end to see something interesting. Hint: this is the youngest member of one movie family. Spoiler alert! Guardians of the Galaxy © Marvel

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