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‘I consider Myself A Black Women,’ Says Paris Jackson Daughter Of Michael Jackson

Paris Jackson has insisted she is an African-American because her father Michael always told her she was. In a revealing interview, she opened up on speculation the King of Pop was not her biological father and how he told her to be proud of his


Tiny Animals Guaranteed to Make You Smile When life gets you down, animal therapy can be very beneficial. And we’ve got the cure for the blues right here in our list of tiny animals that will grab you by the heartstrings and never let go. Plus, impress your friends with bonus

9 Situations When Archaeologists Couldn’t Explain Their Discoveries

Lots of ancient mysteries can never be solved due to many different reasons: the loss of evidence and data, the destruction of archaeological monuments, and so on. But National Geographic archaeologist Fredrik Hiebert thinks that we’re about to make even more wonderful discoveries that can reveal some secrets from the past. Loopfy gathered 9 mysterious cases that

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