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6 Trips Every Woman Should Take Before 40 When you reach this age your true life just starts There is a very good saying: 40 is a new 20 and those who have already celebrated their 40th birthday will prove it to you. However, for women, this age is life changing that’s


21 Weird Inventions for Women You’d Hardly Believe Exist

Designers go out of their way to make the lives of ladies better, but sometimes their imagination takes such strange shapes that we can only ask, “Wait, what?!” Loopfy gathered 21 items for women that seem too weird and useless at first glance. Why only at the first glance? Find out at the end of the

10 History Myths Still Taught As Fact

To the victor go the spoils . . . and the privilege of writing their own history, most frequently in glowing terms. But, alas, this has all too often resulted in misconceptions, myths, and outright lies being taught and believed by future generations. History seldom

Drones Can Be Used To Replant Earth’s Forest There are special tree drones which seed 100 000 plants per day Every other day you hear the news that forests are on fire in different corners of our planet. Summer is the most common time when the heat is so strong that with

10 Historical Misconceptions That Are Actually True

We love misconceptions. The Internet’s full of articles telling you that everything you think you know is wrong, especially when it comes to history. Sometimes, we really do have the wrong idea about history. But sometimes, these “historical misconceptions” aren’t as made up as you

13 Inventions That Will Transform Our Lives

Technological advances change the world at an incredible pace. We can witness the advent of inventions that could only be seen in science fiction films not long ago. We at Loopfy wanted you to share our excitement, so we chose the most remarkable of them — along with a slightly unsettling yet riveting bonus at the end. 13. The Third Thumb

6 Ways A Dog Will Change Your Life It is not only you who is training the dog, your friend is teaching you as well Many of us can’t imagine our daily life without a morning lick and a jump into the bed of a favorite dog. They are truly the members

20 Awesome Behind-the-Scenes Secrets of Moviemaking

Filmmaking is a mix of outstanding tips and tricks. Today Loopfy will tell you some movie secrets that few people know about. Once you know them, you’ll want to watch the movies all over again with fresh eyes. © Bad Robot Background actors make most movie and TV scenes complete and more realistic.

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