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Human Sex Doll Encourages Men to Ditch Their Wives and Worship Her Instead

30-year-old Victoria Wild has transformed herself into a “human sex doll.” Spending more than £30,000 on a series of surgeries to augment her breasts and change the appearance of her face, Wild now has what she says are the largest breasts in Europe. Her breasts are


Vagina Wigs Are An Actual Thing In 2018

I don’t know ladies. You spend your life bracing yourself stoically against the cruel rip of the bikini wax strip, only for wild front gardens to come back into Vogue. Those attending New York fashion week may have had to blink a few times when

This Twitter account pairs cats with heavy metal lyrics

Is there anything the internet loves more than cats? Going way back to the ‘I Can Has Cheezburger?’ days, through the Grumpy Cat era, and into the modern age of Insta-famous felines, it seems that our four-legged friends have always had a special place on

BMW Reveals Plans To Produce A Long-Range Electric SUV

BMW With its sleek design and oodles of celebrity fans, Tesla may currently be the coolest electric car brand around. But that may soon change. BMW recently announced that it plans to produce its own electric vehicle that will have a longer driving range than Tesla’s cars,

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