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Woman Sets Trap After Suspecting Mom Of Sleeping With Her Husband

What kind of Mom is going to do something like this?! Not only are you low enough to sneak around with your daughter’s husband but you took all the weed. This girl thought her husband was acting shady. She also thought her Mom was acting


19 Mind-Blowing Photos You’ll Have To Look At Twice

At times, life can present seriously blatant coincidences that give us the impression of being trapped inside some sort of video game full of glitches. Loopfy would like to share 19 mind blowing moments that will have you wondering whether we are secretly living in the actual matrix. When There’s You Behind You instagram.comSource: 

10 Ways Russia Is Using Social Media To Tear Americans Apart

There might be a reason why politics has been so crazy lately. Over the past two years, we’ve seen conservatives and liberals stretch their beliefs into some completely insane territories. We’ve seen the rise of neo-Nazis and anti-fascists, and we’ve seen them get violent. As it turns

16 Bizarre Clothing Items That Raise Too Many Questions

Designers are only human, and they can have a bad day or an unsuccessful experiment. Some of them are so eager to stand out of the pack that they create their “masterpieces” on purpose. Loopfy has made a selection of the most hilarious designer failures ever. And if you read to the end of the article, you’ll find proof

21-year-Old Girl Creates Unbelievable Paintings

instagram/colour_me_creative An artist uses real objects to complement her drawings This is a talent, without any doubt! This girl turned common painting technique, like having a paper and a pencil in your hands into a real masterpiece. What is even more remarkable – the age

14 Things That Are Surprisingly Cheaper Than an iPhone X

The new iPhone X has totally conquered the internet. Some search for ways to earn $1,000 right away, while some cannot get over the shock. Others suggest new ways to spend this money more wisely. The Loopfy team created our own list of things one could buy instead of a brand-new iPhone.

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