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The 14 Most Controversial Things Ever Found On Google Maps

Google Maps is probably the most useful tool for searching for geographical information. However, during your exploration of the virtual globe, you can come across bizarre things you never thought were possible. If you have a rich imagination and the mind of a detective this can become the best entertainment for

5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Rent Seriously? You have to be kidding Renting is a cool saving invention which helped many of us to keep that money in the pocket. Whenever you need a fancy tuxedo – rent it out, graduation dress – here you go, even the wedding dress

Top 10 Surprising Histories Of Common Fruits

Fruits are wonders of sweetness and seed that we have grown over millennia to feed ourselves. We tend to think that the various fruits we enjoy have been only slightly altered on the orchards of domestication. The truth is that there are more interesting histories of

How to Have a Great Vacation and Stay out of Trouble in These Countries

Everyone knows that before you go on a trip you need to buy insurance, make a photocopy of your passport, put together a medical kit for any occasion, and remember to bring sun cream. But a trip to some countries might not be as peaceful as tourist brochures promise us. Loopfy will tell you how to make your vacation comfortable and

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