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Top 10 Notorious Women Serial Killers

When you think of serial killers, some names probably come to mind: Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Son of Sam, The Green River Killer, and Jack the Ripper. Many other names could come to mind, and they probably all belong to men. However, men are not


New Feature Of Snapchat – Snap Maps Feel yourself like a spy GPS navigator is for oldies, as the new feature of Snapchat, Snap Maps allows you to watch the world like a reality show with the help of a virtual map. So what it is all about and how the

Top 10 Smallest Countries in the World You Never Knew Existed

There are more than 200 countries in the world, and we’re sure you’ve heard of each of them at least once. But there are states and territories on our planet we never knew existed. They occupy a super small area, and some of them are inhabited by just a couple of families. Loopfy has decided to make

Awesome Hacks Google Can Do Did you know about such features? Can you say that you know for 100% what Google can do? Or how do you usually search for stuff online? Google has earned the reputation of the engine that knows everything and can find anything you wish,

10 Terrifying Nazi Doctors You’ve Never Heard Of

We’ve all heard about the atrocities committed by doctors during the Nazi regime. These terrible deeds tend to be largely personified by Josef “Angel of Death” Mengele and a handful of other, lesser-known Third Reich physicians, such as Erwin Ding-Schuler. However, there is actually a

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