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The 14 Toughest Kids’ Questions Guaranteed to Stump Any Adult

Little explorers often ask questions that leave adults scratching their heads. The only thing you can do in such a situation is to pick your jaw up off the floor and google it. We at Loopfy have decided to help you out. So here’s how to answer 14 of those tough questions. 14. Are adults better than kids? © depositphotos  

Did You Notice Any Of These Movie Mistakes? You have to be a really keen observer to notice them Even the most colossal and Oscar awarded movies have their small faults. As the fans of the movies, we don’t really notice them sometimes, but picky watchers have pointed out few of the

Here’s What Happens To Your Boobs If You Stop Having Sex

Let’s be honest: Sex and breasts go together like peanut butter and jelly. But, have you ever wondered how your frisky, late-night romps are directly affecting your boobs? If the thought hasn’t crossed your mind before, it definitely has now. And as it turns out,

10 Caves And Mountains Connected To UFO And Alien Activity

UFO sightings can happen anywhere. Over land, over water, at night or day, in the open countryside where the populations are sparse, or over cities with buildings that reach ever more upward to the cosmic heavens—any of these places can become the stage for an encounter

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