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Hungary Builds The School of The Future The futuristic school is planned to be open in Debrecen in 2019 The major idea of the design is to construct the building itself along with sport fields in such a way that they blend in naturally with a surrounding environment. In order to achieve


North Korea Breaks Silence On Torture And Death Of Otto Warmbier

Getty North Korea has broken its silence about the death of U.S. student Otto Warmbier after his release from custody. The authoritarian communist regime denies the claim that they tortured Warmbier. The official Korean Centre News Agency (KCNA) published Pyongyang’s the official response to Warmbier’s death:

5 Secrets to Make Your Hands 10 Years Younger

Hands usually give away your age because they age more quickly than your face. However, you can avoid this if you take proper care of them. Loopfy gathered a few pieces of advice and rules to keep your hands pretty for longer. Wash your hands correctly © depositphotos Frequent contact

This Smart Bed Will Save Your Relationship The dilemma of sharing a blanket is finally solved Somehow it happens that couples who sleep under one  blanket are always arguing about it. It is either one of the partners is stealing the blanket or one is sweating, while the other one is

Top 10 Horrific Nazi Human Experiments

We can all agree that the things the Nazis did during World War II were horrible. The Holocaust was probably the crime for which they’re most infamous. But wretched and inhumane things happened in the concentration camps that most people don’t know about. Inmates were


RIP. French fitness blogger and Instagram user Rebecca Burger died Sunday after a pressurized whipped cream canister exploded and struck her in the chest, according to a statement from her family. According to USA today: Ard’time, the manufacturer of the canister, put out a press

Don’t Choose These Destinations For Sustainable Traveling These sites are slowly closing or disappearing for good We do love traveling and enjoying the world famous cities and sites, but only when there are not too many people around. Unfortunately the more popular destination is, the more tourists and visitors you are

9 Smartphone Features Most Users Have No Idea About

Smartphones have entered our lives at such a breakneck pace that not everyone has time to discover what they are truly capable of. Moreover, the progress does not stand still, and constant updates bring these gadgets closer and closer to omnipotence. We at Loopfy believe that many everyday tasks can be made much

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