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6 Mysterious Historical Objects That Remain Unexplained

The history of humanity spans several millennia, and historians will never know all of its secrets. Artefacts found during the course of archaeological excavation sometimes throw up questions which baffle even the most learned experts. But this just makes the search for the truth even more interesting. Loopfy has compiled

New Fitness Trend: Beer Yoga

Specially designed for those who love working out and drinking beer Have you ever considered mixing up to unbelievable things like drinking and working out? Sounds like a crazy heaven, but this new fitness trend is already reality and getting popular all over the world.

These 8 Men Own as Much Wealth as Half the World

Eight billionaires – all men, six of them American – together own as much wealth as the world’s poorest 3.7 billion people, a new report from Oxfam has revealed. The eight men who own as much as half the world are: Microsoft founder Bill Gates;

11 Signs That This Guy Is Truly The One for You

In this world full of people, it’s not that easy to find that one person who satisfies the needs of your heart and soul. But when you do finally find them, the feeling of happiness you experience is unparalleled. Sometimes, the search can take years. The road isn’t easy. Occasionally, it happens that

This Smart Plate Can Analyze Your Food

If you can’t take control over the food you consume, this plate will do it for you According to few researches the size of your plate matters when you are trying to lose extra weight. The most common advice is to split your food in

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