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Do You Have Enough Knowledge to Pass 7th Grade?

At some point, all of us worked our way through 7th grade and got straight A’s (well, maybe not all of us). We at Loopfy put together a list of questions for you that the average 12-year-old student is meant to be able to answer. How many can you get right? Source: brightside


Drink The Whole Bottle With The Style

This awesome glass allows you to kick the whole bottle of wine with a style! demilked.com According to good manners, drinking straight from the bottle is absolutely not acceptable. It is considered to be abnormal, rude and breaks all the rules of table etiquette and


Intriguing Facts About Dreams

Researchers found out few interesting facts about dreaming blog.parachutehome.com Dreams are like another world of yours. They are exciting, bright and full of fantastic events. Sometimes you wish you could live in the dream, the other times you wish you could wake up at this


The Beauty Of Italian Architecture Photographed By David Burdeny

Hunting Lodge (Rotunda), Stupinigi Palace, Piedmont, Italy, 2016 David Burdeny captures the stunning architecture of the Italian peninsula. From north to south, Burdeny’s sharp eye takes the viewer into unique spaces, some still private residences, others transformed into museums, others shuttered permanently and falling into


The Best Reasons To Invest In Travel

“The World Is a Book and Those Who Do Not Travel Read Only One Page” is a quote attributed to Saint Augustine of Hippo and expounds on the idea that so many fantastic things can be learned from breaking out from our known limitations and


Celebrities Talking About Ins And Outs Of Sex

1. First up is Cara Delevigne who thinks joining the Mile-High Club is harder than it looks. 2. Aubrey Plaza says it’s okay to let your manliness shine through every once in a while. 3. Frank Zappa’s PSA warns students they’re going to get more

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