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15 Bright Ideas for Your Bathroom You’ll Want to Try Immediately

 Loopfy presents you with some of the coolest ideas for sensible and creative bathroom decoration. As you’ll find out, you don’t have to sacrifice practical comfort for the sake of imagination and trendiness! A novel way to hang your towels © themerrythought The authors of this blog are clearly not content with boring


1,500 People Share the Secrets of Happy Relationships

Mark Manson, a popular blogger and writer, carried out a fascinating experiment. He asked 1,500 people in love to share the secret of strong and healthy relationships. What he found astounded him. We at Loopfy would like to share with you an abridged version of the greatest relationship guide ever, based on Mark’s research. © Romeo and Juliet

5 Most Luxury Sorts of Beer Around The Globe

Would you pay such a price for a booze? Beer –is probably the most popular beverage among young and older generations. It seems to be such a simple and affordable drink, but things are changing and even beer gets more sophisticated and can cost you

5 Famous Cities in United States

Traveling enables you to visit far-flung, popular destinations and experience a variety of cultures, taste different cuisines and meet new people while creating memories that last a lifetime. Although many people research the laws of their international destination, they assume that they are familiar with

10 Shocking Facts about Saudi Arabia

What can you tell me about Saudi Arabia? That it’s a strange and controversial middle-Eastern country? Oh, you don’t know the half of it. While the Western world treats it as an ally, you can see some basic human rights being violated right in front

10 Female Celebrities Who Rocked Short Hair!

It’s not a hidden secret that women in the glittery and luxurious world of Hollywood always strive to be different than the other top actress or blooming young ones, it’s not about competition as much as it’s about setting a different trend and being appreciated

14 Foods You Shouldn’t Keep in the Fridge

There are a number of products that can lose their nutritional value, taste, and texture pretty quickly at cold temperatures. We at Loopfy put together a list of 14 foods you shouldn’t store in the refrigerator. Avocados © When you put unripened avocados in the fridge, they quickly begin to absorb moisture through their skin and

The 7 Wonders of the Modern World

Since the Seven Wonders of the ancient world were pretty much all but destroyed (only thing that was left were the Giza pyramids), some new ones were picked out by the New7Wonders (what’s in a name?) Foundation. A total of 21 finalists were selected, and

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