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7 Math Hacks You Wish You Learned In School

There is a method to the madness of mathematics no matter how scary they can look. Numbers are practically the only thing in this universe that make sense, but the trick is to figure out all the tricks. Here are a few math hacks to


Top 10 Canadian Athletes in The World Right Now

What comes to mind when you think of Canada and sports? You probably think of hockey and a variety of other winter sports, anything that requires snow and ice. Makes sense, considering the country’s climate and geography. Canada does have a strong history of producing

10 Most Expensive Delicacies In The World

Have you ever been to a fancy restaurant where the prices look like phone numbers? I personally haven’t, but I’m gonna tell you a little secret about why the food there costs so much. Well, apart from the obvious “the chef has mad skills and

5 Types of Headaches and the Best Ways to Get Rid of Them

Is there anyone in the world who has never had a headache? In some cases, we can solve this pesky problem by ourselves, yet sometimes we should see a doctor immediately. With this in mind, Loopfy has put together a detailed guide to help you identify the type of headache you have as well as the best strategy for pain

17 Most Creepiest and Scariest Places around the World

Although there are many places that are widely known to be haunted and scary with various tales making them seem like mere folk tales. There are some places that would make even the most hardened unbeliever have a rethink. Listed in this article are 17

17 Selfies That Went To The EXTREME

Everyone loves taking a selfie once in a while when the place and occasion are appropriate. There is nothing wrong with sharing some exciting moments in your life with friends…and the world. Even celebrities picked up this viral trend (like being constantly chased by paparazzi

Top 10 Most Beautiful Actresses of 2017

Who doesn’t admire beauty? Especially when it comes to the subject of women, the most valued thing is considered to be beauty. It’s the only thing that adds up to the colors of a woman. A beautiful woman is like a rainbow, comprising of colors

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