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9 Mind-Blowing Riddles

Not only kids like tricky puzzles and riddles! They are perfect for training our brain to come up with the most creative solutions. Today, Loopfy selected these great riddles to tease your brain. Source: brightside

This Test Will Reveal How Attentive to Details You Really Are

When we focus our attention on one thing in particular, we often fail to notice others. The phrase that’s often used to describe this character trait is “you can’t see the wood for the trees.” We at Loopfy would like to offer you the chance to find out whether you pick up on things that others don’t notice. Source:

10 Kim Kardashian Doppelgangers From Around the World

In a world of Instagram chicks and endless contouring, we’re bound to get a duck face or two that starts looking the same as the rest. But the holy grail of duck face goals clearly points towards Queen Kim herself as the ultimate goal and

Porn Star Reveals How To Take A Great Dick Pic

Pexels Whether you like it or not, dick pics are a pillar of modern dating. Penis portraits are now so important apparently, they’ve even defied social media nudity restrictions and morphed into a viral trend, courtesy of the #GreySweatpantsChallenge. But the murky minefield of messaging photos

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