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10 Most Weirdly Expensive Items Of The World #7 Is Fantastic

10 – Zillion Dollar Lobster – $1,000 The breakfast for the high rollers that one may find at Norma restaurant in New York. But let’s face it, you’d rather stick to the breakfast at McDonald’s coz that’s more ‘your’ thing. 9 – Fleur Burger –


Body Image?

She thinks she looks fatter when she’s thin, and he thinks he’s Adonis when he’s really pot-bellied Brutus. It’s no wonder they make a great pair. ??

Packing For Holiday

Packing is quite stressful for gals. . . AND it makes their holiday so much sweeter. Guys? Well, they’re always on holiday.

The Broken Fingernail

Beyond “his” Rambo pain tolerance. She NOW has to get that nail repaired with a full mani at $40 a pop, plus 1-hour out of her busy schedule. . . while he just reaches for a band aid. Urgh.. ?

4 Photos That Will Make You Say ‘WTF!?’

Don’t you just get the feeling you’re being watched sometimes? As someone who takes the bus constantly, I have no problem accepting that I’m a people watcher, and there’s no better place to find some of the worst people in the world than on public

4 Life Hacks Every Beer Lover Should Know

Turn yourself into a one-person army with these amazing life hacks that use nothing other than beer cans. Instead of recycling those empties around your place, give them as many different uses as a Swiss Army knife with these tips and tricks that will blow

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