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It Was A Fairy Tale Wedding But Suddenly People Realized Something Weird…OMG!

Every girl dreams of her wedding to be straight out of a fairytale. The wedding dress, the band, cake and every tiniest detail is on her freaking out list. But not all girls are lucky enough to live a life of their dreams. Bridal Musings


13 differences between busy and effective people Which one are you?

Many of us think that to be super busy at work means to be very effective and have a productive day, but it’s actually a general misconception. To be busy doesn’t necessarily mean you’re effective and to be effective doesn’t mean to work all day long in non-stop mode. We here at Loopfy believe that being busy is very different from

One risk of swimming in the sea which few people know about

Large numbers of people love swimming in the sea, and feel perfectly safe doing so. Yet many of them don’t realise just how easy it is to drown when you’re having fun on the beach. Most of us assume that alcohol is to blame when tragedies of this kind occur. However, more often than not there is a different

The ten most impressive corners of the planet untouched by tourists

Islands that take weeks to¬†reach, mountain villages hidden high above the clouds, scientific research stations built on¬†permafrost¬†‚ÄĒ there are places out there which are almost untouched by¬†ordinary travellers. Here are ten of¬†the best. Gasadalur village, Faroe Islands Gasadalur is¬†a¬†small village with a¬†population of¬†18 (according to¬†the

The fascinating history of modern numbers

Many people have often wondered why numbers look the way they do. Perhaps you thought about it yourself when you got bored sitting there in math class. So to help you finally discover the answer, we prepared this for you. As they say, you learn something new everyday!

The Worst States in America

West Virginia West Virginia has a staggering 14.7 percent unemployment rate among 20-24 year-olds, but ranks LAST in the amount of high-speed internet available. So not only are young people unemployed, they’re also totally bored! And just how do they expect them to check Craigslist

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