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Secure Places You Are NOT Allowed To Visit

Royal Air Force Station Menwith Hill This Royal Air Force Station in North Yorkshire, England is run by the US National Security Agency (NSA) and is believed to include equipment capable of secretly listening to and intercepting communications. Vault of the Secret Formula The Vault


Donate A Testicle The Payout For This Is $35,000

Need some EXTRA CASH? If you want to help the science community and line your pockets with a little bit of money there are some unconventional ways to do this by selling your body to science. Below is a list we found of the 5

Inexplicable Moments Seen on Asian TV Game Shows

Not sure what’s happening, but you’ll like it anyway. Although the contestants mostly go through absolute hell to entertain the masses, they still do so willingly. Here are 11 inexplicable moments seen on Asian TV game shows. Ballon biting Painful stuff like this The spinning

Eddie Murphy’s daughter (Shayne and Bia)

Although Eddie Murphy is an expert at tickling our funny bones, he is not a handsome man by any stretch of the imagination. His expertise lies in the comedy scene. So, when his daughters, Bia and Shayne, grew up the way they did, millions all over

Incredible Bicycle Concepts Of The Future

Bicycles are amazing means of transportation. Bicycles can be used to get from point A to B, and they’re also pretty useful for picnics or just a relaxing ride in the park. There are many reasons to get a bicycle.They’re pretty obvious but let us

Fast Food Workers Say: NEVER Order These Items

Wendy’s Chili You might shiver when you hear this one. The meat used in Wendy’s Chili is the meat that dries up on the grill. It is put into a warming draw until there is enough to make the chili. KFC BarbecueSandwiches The barbecue sandwiches

Guess The 1980’s Movies, Fer Sure Dude!

Can You Guess What 1987 Movie This Is? It starred Andrew McCarthy and Robert Downey Jr. “Less Than Zero” Clay (Andrew McCarthy) comes home to Los Angeles after his first semester of college and encounters some disturbing developments. His former lover, burgeoning model Blair (Jami

Reasons Why Chinese Walmart Will Give You Nightmares

Going to Walmart in the United States is often a cross between an adventure and a punishment as you never really know what you’ll find. With people perusing the aisles in their pajamas to children throwing tantrums in the toy aisle, Walmart in the United

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