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13 Times Australia Proved To Be A Deadly Penal Colony

This might be a terrible yet interesting thing to hear, and, if you aren’t aware of it just yet, then we are more than willing to be a torch of enlightenment. Apparently, the rumors about Australia being a ferocious penal colony are not mere rumours. Yes, organisms


What Your Boyfriend ISN’T Telling You About His Semen It turns out that sperm is actually really good for you. We go through the reasons why sperm can actually massively improve your health.

#1 It Helps You Sleep Better Semen contains a chemical called Melatonin, which helps people sleep. Whether the semen is ingested, or absorbed through the bloodstream, Melanin is also absorbed. via #2 It’s An Antidepressant According to a recent study, exposure to semen can

Animals Are Total Jerks!

#1 Animals are Jerks We may love our pets and visits to the zoo, but check out this gallery to see why some of your favorite creatures aren’t always as great as you thought they were. via #2 Yum, a face! Tgis little girl

Wash Your Hands Like a Doctor

Use Regular Soap Keep it simple. Super-bugs are scary AF. via Long Enough Twinkle twinkle little star also works. Because it’s the exact same song. We’re too old to fall for that trick now! via Neglected Nooks Doctors get elbow deep into blood

Science Explains What Happens To Your Brain on Sugar

#1 Sugar Vs Cocaine Consumption The PET brain scan below shows a person reacts in the same way to sugar as they do to cocaine which causes addiction. Wow, surprising similarities, right? via #2 Reviewing Dopamine The chemical dopamine is produced in the part

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