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Japan’s Official Farting Competition Will Make You Go WTF

Japan, a land which has never failed to arouse our curiosity. Yet again, it proves how amazingly different the Land of the rising Sun is. This time, the amazement comes in the form of a scroll. So, what’s so different about this scroll that makes


10 Shocking Events That Almost Started World War III

It took the world two major wars, namely the World Wars, to realize the destruction wars bring and the harm it inflicts onto mankind. It was in the wake of this very realization that the United Nations was set up. But even though strong international agencies

Body Image?

She thinks she looks fatter when she’s thin, and he thinks he’s Adonis when he’s really pot-bellied Brutus. It’s no wonder they make a great pair. ??

Packing For Holiday

Packing is quite stressful for gals. . . AND it makes their holiday so much sweeter. Guys? Well, they’re always on holiday.

The Broken Fingernail

Beyond “his” Rambo pain tolerance. She NOW has to get that nail repaired with a full mani at $40 a pop, plus 1-hour out of her busy schedule. . . while he just reaches for a band aid. Urgh.. ?

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