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This Father Lost His Temper, When He Reaches Over To His Baby… I’m Shocked. Father who beat his infant son to death, while driving, will be tried as mentally stable.

Daniel Cox, 35, Charged With The Death Of 4-Year Old Son Daniel Cox, 35, has been charged with the death of his four-month old son, Jayceon Chrystie, after beating him to death on a Kentucky highway road, while he was driving. Has Been Deemed Mentally


Lesbians Reveal Their Most Awkward Sex Moments

“We assumed we were alone and would have some privacy.” “During my senior year of college, a girl I was dating thought it would be fun to make out on the roof of our dorm. We assumed we were alone and would have some privacy.

7 Steps To Protect Your Virginity

You Will Need Distance You Will Need A Couch You Will Need a Big… Remote You Will Photos Of Attractive People You Will Need To Attend Conventions You Will Need Sweet Wheels You Will Need An Awesome Hobby  

Life: You’re Doing It Wrong

Has A Girlfriend Would rather play video games. Squatting Ummmm… The bench goes the other way. Backwards And upsidedown. Bareback She gives new meaning to riding bareback. The Biebs He’s got it all wrong. Snorting Coke You got the wrong stuff bud. Spotting Get a

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