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If Your Tendon Pops Out Your Wrist Like This, THIS Is What It Means – Utterly Fascinating!

The Wrist Test “With your arm on a flat surface, push your thumb against your pinky and tip y our hand slightly up….” via Palmaris Longus “If you see a raised band in the middle of your wrist, you’ve got a vestigial muscle in


Most Funny Photos of 2014 From India.

It really doesn’t matter where Indian people go or what they become, they will always remain pure desi at heart. These super cool jugaads along with some of the most hilarious people will make you roar with laughter! For more desi jugaads, fee free to

Shocking: Binge Drinking Facts

A Definition Binge drinking is defined as when a male consumes 5 drinks or a female consumes 4 drinks in the course of ~2 hours. Next time you’re out with friends, measure how quickly you drink! via Most do it twice a week Binge

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