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Top 10 Beautiful Blondes Poised to Be the Next Kate Upton

Kate Upton became a household name after she made her grand debut on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue back in 2012. But every celeb has his or her moment and it may be time for Upton to pass the baton. There are


Practical And Elegant Hairstyle Tutorial.

You try time after time different hairstyles but most of the time you are not patient to style a new look. Anyway we are here to help you with ideas and beautiful hairstyles. The following hairstyle is practical and gorgeous. You need long hair to

Mistakes Women Make While Having Sex.

Not Getting A Bikini Wax Keep it groomed ladies. No guy wants to have to hack through a forest just to get to your pot of gold. Having Sex In The Dark Men are visual creatures. If you really want to turn him on, turn

How To Stop Serious Bleeding In Just 10 Seconds!

Whether you find yourself wanting to plug a cut or need to slow down bleeding while medics get to you, there’s one trick that Native Americans have used for thousands of years. If you or someone in your home has ended up with a bleeding

Terrifying Warning For All Mothers Of Boys This Summer

1) A FIVE-year-old boy was rushed to hospital after his penis became stuck and was being strangled by the netting in his swimming shorts. Laura Collins, 33, and her son Jack were on holiday in Lanzarote, Mexico when his penis became ensnared in the netting

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