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The Craziest Conspiracy Theories About Marilyn Monroe’s Death

Perhaps one of the most tragic deaths of our time has been that of Marilyn Monroe. The starlet was discovered dead in her home in what was believed to be a suicide. Marilyn was surrounded by pills, leading people to believe she died of an overdose. While this is likely what happened, it hasn’t stopped people from coming up with dozens of wacky conspiracy theories regarding the star’s death.

Suicide. Because her death was ruled a “probable suicide” there hasn’t been any closure in terms of Marilyn Monroe’s death. Details about what happened that day, and the day before are hazy, with multiple witnesses sharing different versions of the event.

Obsession. Despite the fact that it’s been over 50 years since her death, people are still obsessing over Marilyn’s life and death. As a result, several conspiracy theories about her death have surfaced over time, with most of them saying that Marilyn’s death was not a suicide.

The Kennedy’s. For the most part, the theories revolve around the Kennedy’s and her alleged relationship with JFK. Some believe that Marilyn was killed by Robert Kennedy because she knew too much about them, and had threaten to reveal secrets that would ruin them.

Affair. Robert Kennedy has been implied in Marilyn’s death on more than one occasion. Some believe he was feeding her addiction to pills to the point where she overdosed. Others think she was having an affair with both Kennedy brothers, and threatened to go public with it after JFK broke off his affair with her.

Message. The second theory also involves the Kennedy’s, but portrays them as the victims. According to SF Gate, the Mafia is responsible for Marilyn’s death. Sam Giancana was a Chicago Mafia boss who wanted to send Robert Kennedy a message— by murdering his mistress.

CIA. The CIA is also believed to have been involved in the incident. According to a book called “Victim: The Secret Tapes of Marilyn Monroe,” the CIA was seeking revenge against the Kennedy’s because of the failed military invasion— the Bay of Pigs. They knew of JFK’s affair and murdered Marilyn as a result.

Doctors. Another theory suggests that perhaps Marilyn died accidentally at the hands of her doctors. According to SF Gate, she may have been overprescribed medication, which ultimately killed her. The doctors were said to have covered up the death by staging a suicide.

Aliens. Could Marilyn have known too much about the existence of aliens? According to some, yes. Her knowledge of classified information is believed to have led to her death after she reportedly threatened to leak the information.

Documentary. The theory was invented by Dr. Steven Greer, who says JFK had told Marilyn the truth about Roswell, even confessing that he’d seen debris from UFO at a classified air base. The theory was examined further in a documentary called Unacknowledged.

Press conference. “She was threatening to hold a press conference to tell the world what Jack Kennedy had told her during pillow talk about having seen debris from an extraterrestrial vehicle at what the document calls a ‘secret air base’. She was murdered for this,” said Greer, as reported by SBS.

Still alive. The last theory is that Marilyn is still alive. According to another book called Marilyn Monroe: Alive in 1984? written by John Alexander Baker, Marilyn had become homeless after succumbing to her mental illness.

Homeless hitchhiker. Baker maintains that Marilyn was sent to a psychiatric hospital in Canada, where she was being treated for her schizophrenia. Decades after being released, Marilyn became homeless and turned into a hitchhiker.

Lookalike. At some point in 1984, Baker was driving down a highway when he picked up a hitchhiker who looked a lot like Marilyn, and who told him about her past as a movie star. Baker believes this may have been Marilyn because of her appearance and singing voice, reports SBS.

Photo. “I believe 99 percent that she really was who she claimed to be,” Baker wrote. It’s unlikely that Marilyn was still alive as a photo of her dead body face down in her bedroom was sprawled all over newspapers after her death.

Cover up. Some genuinely believe that her death was a murder covered up to be a suicide, due to the way her body was positioned when she was found. Others have said that Marilyn was depressed in the days leading to her death due to her failing love life, her aging, and failing career. It’s safe to say we might never known the truth, but will continue to be intrigued by her incredible life and mysterious death.
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