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Leggings Are NOT Pants! These Photos Will Help You Get That Through Your Head!

 When the warm months start up, the leggings come out. Often the very slim kind reveal more than we’d like – skin-colored leggings in particular can lead to all kinds of problems.

No she’s not nude. She just has poor tastes.

If not for the design you would think she was naked.

People are not supposed to see your underwear through your pants.

Again another poor choice.

Not only are they unattractive but she wore them inside out.

Even black has it’s issues.

I’m not sure what is going on here.

Double fail

It’s bad when you can read what’s on your underwear through your pants. And look at that run right down the middle.

Who walks out of the house like that?

Nope just pants

Did she even try?

One of these things is not like the other.

Goodbye kitty please

16 Dude!

Next time you decide to leave the house with leggings on check this handy flow chart.

Remember, Leggings are NOT pants!

What were these people thinking when they left the house? Either they are very, very short-sighted or simply very brave. In any case, they are entertaining.

Source: viralrockets


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