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30 Of The World’s Most Incredible Sculptures That Took Our Breath Away

Forged out of stone, metal, and wood, the world’s cities and parks are full of stunning sculptures. They’re thoroughly majestic and represent humans’ artistic nature. Each one is telling a unique story about our existence. Statues do not entertain onlookers; they come from artists who need to express their inner desires and thoughts as they experiment with different forms and materials. Countless amounts of sculptures are made all over the world, but only a few inspire a sense of awe.

Here are 30 stunning sculptures from cities all around the world that prove the creative capacity of the human brain.

Cap’è caxx by Yoan Capote

Love Land erotic art park on Jeju Island Korea

Fat Lady Statue in San José, Costa Rica

Expansion sculpture in Brooklyn Bridge

Guardians of time, Stonehenge – United Kingdom

Santo Domingo Savio, Medellín – Antioquia, Colombia

Amazing sculpture in South Korea

Water nymphs, York House Gardens Oxford, England

Kiss of death, Poblenou Cemetery in Barcelona

Toilet paper roll sculptures

Cartoon kleenex sculpture, New Zealand

Reflection sculpture in the United kingdom

The inevitability of time sculpture, Emirates Financial Towers, Dubai

Vigeland sculpture park, Oslo Norway

We’re all in the same game, just different levels artwork

Cattle Drive Sculptures, Dallas

Tangled up in cords artwork

Glass heart model, Ukraine

Art comes to life, Karaj, Iran

Guardians of time, Berlin cathedral

Statue of an angel at the Powazki Cemetery, Poland

Park of the monsters, Bomarzo Italy

Octopus chess, George street, England

Lion monument, Lucerne, Switzerland

Swamp sculpture, Eastern Ireland

Through the mirror, David Marshall lodge, Scotland

Villa di Pratolino, Florence, Italy

The sculpture group, Annapolis ,USA

Bench artwork The Dali Museum, St. Petersburg Florida, USA

Colossal, Mori Art Museum in Tokyo

 Source: thinkinghumanity

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