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How Social Media Led These People To Kill

Many would agree that the internet could be considered a double-edge sword. As useful as it is, it can also do significant damage, specifically social media. While it can be hard not to, it’s important to avoid oversharing, as you never know what kind of crazy people are lurking in the corners of the world wide web. Take for example, the three people mentioned below, who were so triggered by their use of social media, that they committed murder.

Confrontation. In 2009, Rachel Wade stabbed Sarah Ludemann because they were both reportedly involved with the same man, Joshua Camacho. The pair had been threatening one another for months before eventually, Wade stabbed Ludemann in the heart during a confrontation.

MySpace. It all started when Wade grew upset that Ludemann had posted a photo of her and Camacho at the beach on her MySpace page. Wade insisted that Ludemann take the photo down, but when she refused, things got out of hand. The pair then began threatening each other over social media, texts, and voicemails.

Threats. “Please tell me Sarah why you would be a dumb-a** c**t and put a brand new picture of you and Josh at the beach on your MySpace. Seriously, I told you to watch your f***ing back and not to f***ing chill with him. I’m guaranteeing you that I’m going to f***ing murder you, I’m letting you know that now,” said one of the voicemails that Wade left her nemesis.

Knife. One evening in April of 2009 however, those threats became a reality. The pair met up at Camacho’s home, and began to fight. Wade had a knife in her hand, and began to swing it at Ludemann. Unfortunately, it hit her in the chest, directly into her heart.

Self-defense. Ludemann died several hours after being stabbed, and as a result, Wade was sentenced to 27 years behind bars. To this day, Wade maintains she stabbed Ludemann out of self defense, but says she regrets the way things played out that fateful evening.

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