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Butt Acne: What It Is And How To Get Rid Of It

Simply put, butt acne is unsightly and uncomfortable. And contrary to popular belief, just because your can more easily hide it than, say, the blemishes on your face, doesn’t make it any less irritating. Or embarrassing. Because let’s face it: Your bottom will be seen and felt during sexy time— especially during *that* position. So, what can be done about these flare-ups on your behind? Read on to find out.
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Bump-free behind. Everyone wants a bump-free behind. Still, the question remains: What causes pimples to pop up on your derriere anyway? Does it mean you’re — gasp — dirty? Or, does it mean something else entirely? As it turns out, butt acne is way more common than you’d think— and no, it doesn’t mean you’re dirty. Well, sort of.

What it is. First, we should note that butt acne isn’t technically acne. While facial acne forms due to blocked pores, the pimples on your behind pop up because of folliculitis, which, as The Pretty Pimple points out, “results from irritation or blockage of hair follicles, staph bacteria, fungus, or yeast infecting your hair follicles.”

What it is. Generally, the zits occur on the skin’s surface and can be super itchy. Now, we should warn you that if left untreated, an infected hair follicle can swell up and become a large, puss-filled carbuncle— a.k.a. boil — and, well, let’s just say this is as painful as it sounds.

Why it happens. So, why does buttne happen? Well, blemishes on your behind result from a plethora of factors— namely, bad hygiene, sweat, and tight-fitting clothes. The good news? These are all easy preventable. Phew.

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