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Woman Loses Nearly All Her Vision After Undergoing Procedure To Change Her Eye Color

A 32-year-old Instagram model has opened up about how a procedure to change her eye color has left her nearly blind. Nadinne Bruna says she traveled from her hometown of Miami to Colombia to get silicone implants in her eye that would change her eyes from hazel to grey. Unfortunately, the results weren’t what she expected, and now she says she has the vision of a 90-year-old person.

Instagram. Nadinne Bruna has made quite a name for herself thanks to her dramatic appearance. The 32-year-old Argentinian model ad her twin sister frequently post photos of themselves in scandalous bathing suits and lingerie, showing off their near-perfect bodies.

Eye damage. The women boast thousands of Instagram followers, which in turn allows them to make a living. But now, Bruna says she is out of work as an eye procedure has left her with red eyes, swelling, and permanent eye damage.

Work. “I make most of my money through my Instagram account and I couldn’t do photo shoots, not while my eyes were red. I’ve been living on my savings. My sister became like my mom. She had to do everything for me,” said the model, as reported by the Daily Mail UK.

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