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Mother Admits To Freezing Newborns To Death In Her Home Freezer

A 46-year-old German woman has been sentenced to nearly a decade behind bars after it was discovered she’d suffocated her two newborn babies and then placed their bodies in her own freezer. The bodies of the infants had been stuffed in the freezer for several years before her partner— who knew of the bodies, called the cops on the woman as revenge for breaking up with him.

Arrest. A German woman identified as Steffi Schmidt has been jailed for nine-and-a-half years after police discovered she’d murdered two of her own children. According to reports, the woman said she killed her babies because she believed her husband didn’t want any more children.

Secret. Schmidt, who already has two children with her partner, identified as Uwe W., says she was using contraception but that it had failed on both occasions where she got pregnant. Each time, she managed to keep her pregnancy a secret, giving birth while she was home alone.

Murder. According to the Mirror UK, after giving brith to one of the infants, she placed it in a plastic bag and stuffed the bag in the freezer. The child is said to have still been alive when it was placed in the freezer, and died of hypothermia as a result.

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