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Single Mother Dies After Tummy Tuck Gone Wrong

A woman who traveled abroad to get cheaper plastic surgery tragically died of a pulmonary embolism as a result. The 28-year-old woman was getting a tummy tuck when the surgery went wrong. An investigation was launched into the clinic in the Dominican Republic where the incident took place, as well as into the doctor who performed the deadly procedure.
 Accidental death. Beverly Brignoni is the mother-of-one who died at the hands of a doctor in the Dominican Republic. According to reports, the mother had traveled there in order to get a cheaper tummy tuck and liposuction.
Operation. The incident happened in February of 2014, a day after Brignoni had been operated on by Dr. Guillermo Lorenzo. After investigating the Vista del Jardin Medical Center where the procedure took place, the climic was found to have a “presence of bacteria and violations of bio-sanitary regulations,” reports the Daily Mail UK.
Questions. Since her death, Brignoni’s family are desperate to find answers as to what exactly happened that day. “I’d really like to speak to him, I have a lot of questions to ask,” said a relative of Brignoni’s, as reported by the New York Daily News.
Recommendation. Originally from the Bronx, friends of Brignoni’s had been the ones to recommend the clinic to her for cheaper surgery. “Supposedly, it was a high-end clinic, one of the best in the city,” said Lenny Ulloa as reported by the Daily Mail UK.
Procedures. It is believed that the mother has paid over $6,000 for all the procedures, which included the tummy tuck, liposuction, and breast augmentation that she later opted put of. Relatives say that Brignoni was excited about getting the surgeries and looking forward to her new body.
Outlook. “She wanted it so bad. It felt like she was going to have a better outlook on life, getting this done,” said Bernadette Lamboy, Brignoni’s godmother, reports the Daily Mail UK. In 2016, another woman also died after undergoing a tummy tuck in a Miami clinic.
Others. Maria Christian is the 32-year-old woman who died after going into cardiac arrest during the procedure, which was performed by Dr. Camille D. Chavez at Vanity Cosmetic Surgery in Miami. It was believed that Christian had previously gotten a Brazilian butt lift at the same clinic.
Investigation. According to the Daily Mail UK, Christian was immediately transferred to a local hospital where she eventually died. She left behind two children. Her death is currently under investigation as authorities try to get to the bottom of things.
Amazing. “Always trying to help people, doing her best, she was amazing. Now she just leaves her kids, her husband, they had a great family,” said Carolina Flor, Christian’s sister, reports NBC Miami.
Healthy. The family is confused as to what happened as Christian had been given a clean bill of health prior to the procedure and deemed healthy enough to go through with it. But now, her family believes this may not have been the case.
Beautiful. “They were trying to tell her ‘just do it with her, she’s really good, she’s really good and you’re going to be fine.’ We don’t know what happened, the doctors just said that her heart stopped. If there is no need to do something, just, there’s no reason, because she was just beautiful the way she was,” said Flor, as reported by NBC Miami.
Results. The investigation’s results proved that nothing was out of the ordinary during Christian’s surgery and that all of the routine procedures were followed. The clinic where this happened has since release a statement addressing the death.
Examination. “All standard pre-op procedures were administered. However, unfortunately she developed cardiac arrest towards the end of the operation. Immediate resuscitation efforts were taken followed by a call to 911. The paramedics arrived promptly and transferred Ms. Christian to Kendall Regional Hospital, where she later passed away.The cause of Ms. Christian’s death has not yet been determined until a medical forensic examiner has completed an examination,” read the statement.
Complaints. According to NBC Miami, this isn’t the first time that the clinic has faced legal troubles. In fact, over 50 complaints have been made against the Florida clinic, who is known for not refunding patients after they’ve decided against their procedures.
Review. “As of January 27th 2016 BBB staff reviewed Vanity Cosmetic Surgery, Inc report and came to the conclusion that the pattern of complaints still exist. BBB will continue to monitor and update company report as needed,” read a report filed by the Better Business Bureau, who gave the business an F rating, reports the Daily Mail UK.

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