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Man Has 3-Foot-Long Phone Cord Removed From Penis

Nowadays, it feels like dudes are always ramming things up their d*cks. The latest in the trend? Well, let’s just say it involves doctors pulling a three-foot-long phone cable from a man’s penis. Now, we know what you’re probably wondering: Why in the world would he have jammed *that* up there? To relieve itchiness, apparently. Read on below.
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The incident. In China, doctors were able to successfully remove a three-foot-long cable from a man’s urethra using laser technology, The Daily Mail reports. The patient was allegedly suffering form irritation caused by prostate inflammation when he decided to insert the phone cable into his penis to relieve the itchiness. All together now: What the f*ck?!

Prostatitis. The man, said to be in his 60s, thought of inserting a phone cable to stop the itchiness he was experiencing in his urethra, which was caused by prostatitis. Also known as prostate inflammation, prostatitis involves the swelling of the gland (read: prostate) that produces seminal fluid.

Knot in the bladder. Now, we know that the whole idea is batsh*t on the man’s part, but somehow, things got worse for him. Like, way worse. While he was relieving himself with the cable, it somehow tied a knot in his bladder and caused bleeding when he tried to pull it out himself. Ouch.

Rushed to the hospital. Not long after realizing something was seriously wrong, the man rushed to Dalien Hospital for medical help. Dr. Gao Zhanfeng, a urologist at the hospital noticed the cable, had tied a knot inside the man’s bladder under a scan, according to The Daily Mail.

Bleeding in the bladder. “The knot gets tighter when the patient tried to pull it out,” Dr. Gao explained, The Daily Mail reports. “This causes bleeding in the bladder.” Are you cringing yet? Because w’ere basically on the floor RN.

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