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Cardi B Opens Up About Getting Illegal Butt Injections

After shooting to fame last year thanks to the release of her hit “Bodak Yellow,” Cardi B has maintained her position in the spotlight. It’s hard not to pay attention to Cardi, who has quickly become known for her bubbly personality and incessant quips. But before fame, Cardi was dancing in a New York City strip club, hanging around with gangs, and getting illegal butt injections inside of a Queens basement. In a tell-all interview with GQ, Cardi opened up about life before fame, her public relationship with rapper Offset, and her obsession with US history.

Beginnings. Over the weekend, Cardi B released an album— Invasion of Privacy, and publicly announced her pregnancy, which has been speculated by the public for months. To say that she’s at the top of her game would be an understatement, but believe it or not, the outspoken rapper comes from humble beginnings.

Butt injections. Speaking to GQ, Cardi opened up about her past growing up in the Bronx, and how a cheating boyfriend led her to get illegal butt injections— believed to have been administered by the same woman who had a patient die on her operating table in New York a few years ago.

Curves. Cardi maintains that her career as a stripper also influenced her to get the butt injections, as she noticed the women with more curves made the most money. But because she was too skinny for liposuction, she had to resort to the injections.

Not enough meat. “All right, here’s the thing. When I was 21, I did not have enough meat on my body—if I was to get lipo, I wouldn’t have fat for my a**,” Cardi tells GQ. So she paid the unnamed woman $800 to get the injections.

Pain. Recalling the experience, Cardi remembers feeling extreme pain during the injections as there is no anesthetic administered prior to the procedure. However, she was happy enough with the results that she wanted to go back and get more, but by that time the woman who administer the injections had already been arrested.

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