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Anorexic Mother-Of-Three Says Doctors Refuse To Give Her The Help She Needs

Eating disorders affect millions of people all over the world, and if not treated properly, can lead to death. Here, one mom has opened up about her own struggle with anorexia, and how she is now pleading for help from the government, who refuses to give it to her. The mother-of-three maintains that she cannot recover on her own and says that if she doesn’t get the help she needs, she could die.

No help. Wendy Robbins is the 50-year-old UK mother who says she’s been denied help from the National Health Service for her anorexia. The mother-of-three has previously been in treatment but says she was kicked out of the facility after being caught purging.

Recovering. However, Robbins says she is ready for help again but because of her past mistakes, doctors refuse to help her. This leaves Robbins in a tough spot as although she wants to recover, she does not think she can do it on her own and fears she may die before she can get help.

Challenge. “I was trying really hard to follow the regime but going from virtually nothing to three good meals a day as well as snacks to build you up is a massive change and a major challenge for someone like me. I did conceal food in a napkin so that I didn’t have to eat it all but that’s what people with anorexia do. It would be like having a centre dedicated to people with Tourette’s then throwing them out if they have nervous tic or swear loudly,” said Robbins, as reported by the Daily Record.

Obsession. Robbins has battled with anorexia for most of her life, saying her obsession with counting calories soon turned into a full-blown eating disorder. Now, Robbins’ body is deteriorating right before her eyes— her hair and teeth are falling out and her organs are beginning to fail her.

Death sentence. “It’s not an option for me to do nothing, that’s only going to end in one way. I’ve always thought that if I became ill, our fantastic NHS would treat me. Now it seems the NHS have written me off and I feel that’s a death sentence,” Robbins told the Daily Record.

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