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Rat Torture: The Horrendous Torture Method That Used Rats to Forcefully Burrow into Human Flesh

Throughout history, humans have created a number of brutal torture techniques to inflict pain on one another. Perhaps the most gruesome of all these methods? Rat torture. Simply put, rat torture is the use of, well, rats to sadistically torture a victim by encouraging them to eat the victim alive. Read on below for more.

Rat torture 101. It’s safe to say that several techniques involving rat torture have existed throughout time— namely, in the Medieval Ages. Although these methods have all differed in some ways, they have all had two things in common: the human body and a rat’s ability to chew through anything— especially human flesh, according to ATI.

Fear. Many people are afraid of rats— they’re rodents, after all, who are known for their ability to chew through basically anything. Naturally, this makes them ideal for torture. This is especially true if the perpetrator knows exactly what to do and how to use them, ATI reports.

The half-cage. One of the most savage methods of rat torture involves putting a live rat inside a half-cage and on top of a person’s abdomen. When it comes to this method, the victim cannot move, as they are restrained to a table and thus, faced with the animal on their stomach. But it gets worse.

The half-cage. While the rat is placed inside the half-cage and atop the restrained victim’s abdomen, the cage is slowly but surely heated. At this point, the rodent tries to escape the heat, but it can’t. As a result, it gets desperate— really, really desperate.

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