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15 Of The Most Bizarre Hybrid Fruits You Didn’t Know Existed

GMO is a term that gets thrown around a lot in this day and age. Since humans originally started cultivating crops, we have altered our food significantly. Therefore, most fruits and vegetables are technically genetically modified. This term, however, doesn’t always have to sound scary. Sometimes a modification can be crossing the fruit with another one – leading to some insane looking foods. Here are 15 totally bizarre hybrid fruits.


Source: Growing With Plants

This half plum, half apricot is a mix between two plants of the same species. It took over twenty years to develop our current version of the plumcot, but now it is a delicious non-conventional food.

Cotton Candy Grapes

Source: Grapery
These might be the sweetest grapes known to man. Seeds come from test tubes to create this strange plant. Scientists are currently working on several flavors of these weird grapes.


Source: Direct Gardening

This mix of raspberry and blackberry looks like it does not belong from this world. This elongated fruit is both juicier and sweeter than a traditional raspberry – as hard as that may be to believe.

Blood Limes

Source: Pinterest

Contrary to what their names suggest, these fruits are not limes mixed with blood oranges. Rather, the citrus of choice is a mandarin. Green on the outside and orange on the inside – yeah, these look weird.


Source: Bee Sweet Citrus

The name originally comes from the tangerine-pomelo mix, but sometimes the citrus is hybridized with a grapefruit instead. These sweet fruits are actually easier to peel than oranges themselves.


Source: Crosus 

This looks like an inside-out strawberry. The skin is white and the seeds are red. It is a mix of two species of strawberries, and its taste contains a hint of pineapple.


Source: Brighter Blooms

This lime-kumquat mix is the size of an olive. This fruit was developed to create a sweeter type of citrus.


Source: Rocket Gardens 

The blackcurrant and gooseberry hybrid is sweet in flavor and grows extremely quickly. The sight of it is enough to make your mouth water.


Source: Specialty Produce

This fruit is a combination of peach, plum, and apricot. It was developed by Floyd Zaiger, who with his three children has patented over 500 new fruits.


Source: Metro 

This bizarre thing is a mix of strawberry and bubblegum. They are grown in remote forests in central Europe and are known for their sweet flavor.

Ugli Fruit

Source: Natural Food Series

This gem is actually anything but ugly. It is just like a tangelo, but with an orange added in.


Source: Fruit Maven 

This delicious fruit is the base of many East Asian sauces. The fruit is a cross between a mandarin and a papeda, and it tastes great.


Source: Citrus Pages

This might be one of the less crazy hybrids, but it is certainly delicious. The mandarin-orange mix keeps all the best qualities of a citrus fruit.

Baby Kiwi

Source: Produce Oasis 

No, this isn’t just a young kiwi. It has smooth skin that can be eaten by humans, and it is about the size of a berry.


Source: Curtireceitas

This delicious gem is also known as the starfruit. It originated in tropical forests, but today it can be found throughout the world.

These fruits have all been crossed with other fruit. Some are intuitive, some are WEIRD, but all are delicious.

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