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This Young Mother Sells Her Breast Milk To Bodybuilders And Makes A Small Fortune Doing So

If you are a bodybuilder or just happen to know one, then you understand the huge importance of proper nutrition; without the right macronutrients, it doesn’t really matter how much time you spend in the gym.

Since most of the boys and men lifting weights are aware of this fact, they are constantly seeking new and improved ways to get those vital proteins and amino acids. However, the alternative sources they sometimes use are a bit unconventional.

Breast milk is full of vitamins and nutrients that are essential for the baby’s growth during the initial months after birth. Some parents use baby formulas instead, especially when the mother is non-lactating, but breast milk is widely considered the far better option.

A young woman named Rafaela Lamprou was lucky enough to discover that bodybuilders were so interested in buying breast milk that they formed an entirely new market for it online.

After she had her son Anjelo in 2017, the Cyprus woman realized that she was producing a lot more breast milk than her little boy could drink. Luckily for Rafaela, the excessive amount of breast milk did not have to go to waste; she began supplying the bodybuilders’ demand for it.

If you consider the drinking of breast milk by adults to be something disgusting, then you are definitely not alone—most people think it is just wrong. But despite what everybody thinks, it appears that some men drink it anyway, so it would therefore be fair in this case to ask a few questions.

We can’t help but wonder if it’s actually better or worse nutritionally when people consume the breast milk of a woman who isn’t their mother. Could somebody tell us whether drinking breast milk is allowed if you are a vegan—or on a vegan diet? And last—but not least—is it supposed to be mixed with something before consuming it, or should you just drink it straight from the container?

The whole breast milk drinking thing sounds a bit controversial—to say the least—but who are we to judge?

Rafaela initially started selling her breast milk to other mothers who had issues producing it themselves, but she began receiving inquiries from men who wanted to buy it. Since then, the 26-year-old woman has managed to produce over 500 liters; doing so has earned her more than $6,000, which is not a bad amount at all.

The young mother said that men began placing orders for breast milk as additional nutrition, explaining that it worked wonders in regard to increasing muscle mass, but other men admitted that they wanted it because of a fetish they had.

Rafaela has now stopped breastfeeding her son, but she continues producing breast milk on demand. She admits that at first she was not exactly sure what her customers did with it, but she was told that all they did was drink it. She also said that she felt a bit awkward when she first sold breast milk to satisfy some stranger’s fetishes, but since nobody ever asked for anything more, she was fine with that.

The young woman is uncertain regarding how long she will be able to keep the business running, because she will not be able to produce breast milk forever, but she feels that she should keep doing it while she still can; after all, she makes a lot of money for something that she produces naturally—and it would otherwise go to waste.

Rafaela’s husband supports his wife’s business and does not mind her selling breast milk to other men at all, but he makes sure that she avoids those who seem rather creepy.

If you are still wondering why these people bother to source and consume genuine breast milk instead of just buying the best alternative product from a local supermarket, there’s a reason; breast milk is higher in calories than any other substitute product, and it also contains growth hormones—something bodybuilders are eagerly seeking; however, the alleged beneficial effect on muscle growth is doubted by many.


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