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Man Murders Boss And Eats His Penis as Revenge for Not Getting Paid

A man in Indonesia and his 16-year-old son have been arrested after it was revealed that he’d murdered his boss, who hadn’t paid him for his gardening services in three years. Frustrated that he hadn’t been paid, the man and his son came up with a plan to murder the boss. Afterwards, they cut off and boiled their victim’s penis so that he wouldn’t come back and haunt them for killing him.

Murderer. Terusman is the name of the man who is being identified as the murderer of a wealthy plantation owner in Indonesia. According to reports, Terusman worked as the man’s gardener, but hadn’t been paid by him in over three years.

Attack. With the help of his son, Terusman created a plan to murder the wealthy man, identified as M Dasrullah. The father and son waited until sundown to sneak into Dasrullah’s home while he slept, then attacked him with a machete until he was dead.

Murder. “After I cut him, I buried him. I took his ‘vital tool’ back to the hut. I boiled the penis before I eventually ate it myself so that his spirit wouldn’t haunt me,” Terusman told cops, reports the Mirror UK.

Arrest. Terusman and his 16-year-old son were arrested shortly after the murder. It is believed that neither showed any remorse for the horrific murder, and are now facing the death penalty over their crimes. They were arrested when the victim’s remains were found under a pile of dirt.

Others. In a similar instance, a 44-year-old New York man murdered his 37-year-old boss last October. According to the New York Post, after shooting Christopher Sawyer, Samuel Perry then shot himself. Both men were pronounced dead on the scene.

Investigation. It’s believed that Perry was upset that he’d been fired from his job two days before the shooting, and decided to exact his revenge. Investigators were trying to figure out who Sawyer was able to get into the building with the gun.

Hothead. “Talking to some of the workers so far, they said he was a bit of a hothead, and he was dismissed about two days ago. We are still looking to find out how he got back into the building,” said NYPD Deputy Chief Christopher McCormack, as reported by ABC 7.

Bodies. The bodies were discovered by another worker, Robert Pagan, who first found Sayers’ body, then found Perry’s just a few floors down where he’d taken his own life. “I actually hugged him on the way down. Not knowing that he had done it,” Pagan told ABC 7.

Neighbor. Perry’s neighbor, identified only as Mike, said Perry had been acting rather strangely just before the shooting happened. He told ABC 7 that he’d asked him to watch his dog for a couple of days, telling him if he couldn’t do it he’d have to shoot the dog.

Dog. “He asked me to hold his dog for a few days. And I said, ‘yeah, I’ll hold your dog for a few days.’ Then he said, ‘Because if I can’t find no one to watch my dog, I’m just gonna shoot him in the head and bury him in the yard,’” Mike old ABC 7.

Death. In Dallas, Texas last year, another man shot his boss and then turned the gun on himself. Matthew Kempf was the shooter, and the victim was a woman he’d only worked with for a few weeks, Lana McAree Canada. According to reports, Canada has just recently married and come back from her honeymoon before her death.

SWAT. According to the Dallas News, police had to shoot through a locked glass door in order to get to the office that contained the bodies. Afterwards, a SWAT team had to search through the building to make sure that no other shooters were hiding.

Shields. “Police were doing their best to make sure all floors were clear. They protected people with shields, and a cop was facing backwards when they were trying to get us downstairs,” said Mary Jo Nsuk, who works in the building, reports Dallas News.

History. It’s unclear why Kempf shot Canada, but his records show he had no criminal history. The company that Canada worked for, Dignity Team Health, released a statement following the shooting in which they expressed their condolences to Canada’s family.

Heartbroken. “Our hearts are broken by yesterday’s events. We want to first say our thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of those impacted. We are a small company and we feel this loss deeply because all our team members are like family. We stand ready to help the authorities in any way we can as they investigate this terrible tragedy,” read the statement.

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