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‘Witch’ Jailed for 12 Years for Helping Russian Ex-Cop Murder Six People as Blood Sacrifices

Last year, 39-year-old former Russian police officer Arsen Bayrambekov was convicted of murdering 6 homeless men. The men were targeted for satanic rituals as blood sacrifices with the intent of creating zombie slaves. The self-described Satanic worshiper Bayrambekov was convinced by a young “sorceress” who has now been identified as Tatyana Solovyeva. Other than her name, no other specific information has been released about her. The intention to create these zombie slaves was apparently a two-person choice as Tatyana was the person who made the final decision on who was an acceptable sacrifice. Russian authorities have released that she has been convicted and given a 12-year sentence.

Arsen Bayrambekov. The 39-year-old Arsen Bayrambekov was found guilty of murdering six homeless people last year. He was sentenced to 13 years in prison, but this was not the end of the story. The murders were accomplished with assistance from a woman who has been described as a witch and in some cases as a sorceress.

Tatyana Solovyeva. The sorceress was brought up on charges as an accomplice in all six murders. Bayrambekov apparently fully cooperated with the authorities during their investigation, showing them not only where the men were buried but where they were sacrificed. In his testimony, he revealed that he did not choose the men who were targeted. Tatyana Solvyeva apparently was the person who decided which men they would sacrifice in an attempt to create zombies.

The Victims. All six victims were homeless men. Crosses mark the spots where their bodies were found in a forest that already has history to it. The men were sacrificed in the same woods of Yekaterinburg. If that name sounds familiar, this is the same area that the murdered Czar Nicholas II and his family’s remains were found in about a century ago.

Choosing the Victims. According to the authorities, Bayrambekov’s actions were decided by his companion. An account states: “After the approval from his (female) companion, he would befriend the victim, offer a drink and then drive them to the woods, where he built an altar, at which he would slit the victim’s throat.” Another account states: “She (Solovyeva) gave instructions on whether a person was suitable for the ritual of sacrifice, brought Bayrambekov and the victims to the scene of the crime by car, observed the surroundings during preparations before the murders, during their commission and when the traces of the crimes were concealed.”

Sacrifices. The men were sacrificed at the custom altars when Bayrambekov slit their throats over the stones. Prior to sacrificing humans, Bayrambekov admitted to sacrificing chickens, goats and sheep. According to a Russian state investigator, “He tried to bring the dead back to life and turn them into zombies. However, all his attempts were futile.”

The Altar. According to Bayrambekov, he explained his actions by saying “Dark gods need a blood sacrifice, raw meat or liquor.” He explained all of this to the investigators and also took them through the process of the sacrifice when he was taken to the scene of the murders. The intent to create zombie slaves was also explained thoroughly.

The Bodies. The investigators initially found human bones and other evidence at the altars built by Bayrambekov and Solovyeva. The bodies were found wrapped in sticky tape and buried in makeshift graves. It was initially thought they many more than 6 men were murdered, but only 6 were found and identified by authorities.

Caught. During the time that he was abducting the men, Bayrambekov worked as a policeman. He was caught thanks to an anonymous tip after he bragged to other Satanists online of his crimes. Acting on the tip the police searched the area mentioned in the tip and found the bodies and evidence of the murders.

The Trial. People initially feared that Bayrambekov would evade jail by making a deal based on being “out of his right mind.” Fortunately, the judges sent him in for a psychiatric evaluation and the experts ruled he was sane enough to account for his actions. He explained the ritual and intentions of the killings at the sites of the murders. During these explanations it came out that the victims were chosen by Solovyeva.

Sentences. Though Bayrambekov was given 13 years and 2 months, he was also ordered to pay 900,000 RUB to the families of the homeless men he murdered. Some of the victims’ family members were in attendance at the trial. They were all befriended and lured by Bayrambekov to the altar before being brutally sacrificed at night in the woodlands in Verkhnyaya Pyshma.

Solovyeva’s Trial. The authorities have kept Solovyeva’s information and trial much more private than that of Bayrambekov. There are no images available of her at this time. Her exact age, where she is from and where she worked are all being kept quiet. Bayrambekov’s trial was very public in comparison with the plethora of media attention the trial received.

Escaping. Solovyeva was actually arrested and managed to escape police custody last year. She was attempting to flee and make her way abroad to escape her trial. It took the Russian police six months to apprehend her. Even with being a flight risk and successfully escaping for a time, the authorities chose to keep her trial tightly monitored with no additional information being let out.

Verkhnyaya Pyshma. Solovyeva’s trial was held in a town located near Yekaterinburg called Verkhynyaya Pyshma. The lack of media coverage was carefully and closely maintained, even now that she has been convicted. She was accused of beguiling Bayrambekov and making the final selection on who would die. She also worked as a lookout and helped to prepare and choose the scene of the murders.

Serving Time. The prison sentences are being are being seen as very light considering the heinousness of the crime. On the Daily Mail article that was originally published during Bayrambekov’s trial, a comment by Astroperson from Melbourne in the US said “Only 12 years? Unreal.” Another by Jen L_G from Denver, CO said “He murdered 6 people in an effort to create a zombie army, and he gets sentenced to 13 years. What do you have to do to get a life sentence? Kill more people, or try to make scarier monsters?”

The Families. Some of the murdered homeless men did have families that were in attendance. Specifically, the mothers of two of the victims, Tamara Bannikova and Irina Musina were in attendance during their trial of Solovyeva. Irina Musina is the mother of Denis Musina.
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