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35 Impressive Facts To Improve Your Knowledge

If you want to improve your knowledge, you’ll be impressed by the following 35 facts.


1. Goldfish bowls are bad places to keep a goldfish.

They are too small to allow for adequate filtration and do not provide enough oxygen.


2. The top of most ovens lifts up for easy cleaning.

This helps prevent fires!


3. Stroke symptoms differ in men and women.

Source: National Stroke Association.


4. The “Freedom of Speech” provision in the First Amendment protects us from punishment from the government, but not from the consequences of our speech.

The U.S. government can’t arrest someone for what they say, but that doesn’t shield this person from consequences or critique of their speech or actions.


5. Frankenstein is the doctor’s name, NOT the monster’s.

6. Most cars have an arrow on the fuel gauge that tells you what side of the car the gas tank is on.

Rental cars just became a whole lot easier.


7. The blood running in our veins is definitely not blue.

It’s always red; it sees blue because of the way light interacts with our skin.


8. Should’ve is a contraction for “should have,” not for “should of.”

It is never “should of” or “could of” or “would of.”


9. Pterodactyls were not dinosaurs.

The proper term is actually “pterosaur”. They are technically flying reptiles, not dinosaurs. Boo.


10. If you plug in earbuds to your laptop’s microphone jack, they’ll function as microphones.

11. Drowning doesn’t always look like drowning. /

Maritime risk consultant Mario Vittone says there can be “very little splashing, no waving, and no yelling or calls for help of any kind” associated with drowning. You can read more on how to identify a victim of drowning here.


12. The forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden was not an apple in the Bible.

Genesis describes the forbidden object with the Hebrew word peri; that’s a generic term for “fruit.” Scholars have speculated the fruit might have been a fig, a pomegranate, a grape, or even a nut. The apple misconception might have germinated when the Bible was translated into Latin, because the Latin word for “evil,” malum, is similar to mālum, which is the Latin word for “apple.”

13. Command/Ctrl + Shift + T will restore your accidentally closed tab in Chrome.

14. East/West Germany division can still be seen from space, each side using different light bulbs.

15. TIL female stingrays have the ability to store sperm for long periods of time to become pregnant whenever they want.

16. Half of the world’s roundabouts are in France.


18. Dubai Police Fleet includes Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Bentley. This is to allow them to catch speeders who can outrun other cars.


20. Whenever Al-Quaeda organized games of volleyball, Mohammed Atef and Osama Bin Laden were forced to be on separate teams since they were both tall, and skilled players.

21. A 46-year-old man found and attacked a 13-year-old kid because the kid killed him too many times in Call of Duty.

22. Some Thai people will type “55555” instead of “hahaha” because the number 5 is pronounced “ha”.


24. In the city of Mackinac Island, Michigan, cars have been banned since 1898.

25. A black police officer faced charges for not investigating racial taunts against himself.

26. James Cameron sold the rights to The Terminator for $1


28. Cotton candy (candy floss) machines were invented by dentists.


30. When affirmative action was banned in California, the number of black graduates increased rather than decreased.



33. After the Second World War more than 7,000 Nazi sympathizers committed suicide.


35. Emperor Pedro II of Brazil didn’t prevent his overthrow, because he hated being emperor.

Source: thinkinghumanity


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