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Teen Model Stabbed 140 Times, Eyes Gouged Out and Ears Cut Off by Jealous Sister

A 17-year-old Russian model, Stefania Dubrovina, was brutally murdered by her older sister, Elizaveta, who was 19 at the time, in what police are calling a drug-fueled jealous rage. The teen sisters were at the apartment of a 42-year-old photographer, who said that everyone seemed to be having a good time. He left to go buy more alcohol, and that is when the attack occurred. Elizaveta mutilated her sister’s face and body so badly that she was barely recognizable.

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Stefania Dubrovina. Stephania Dubrovina was 17 years old, though in the majority of her modeling photos, she looks much older. She was well-known and popular in St. Petersburg.
Elizaveta Dubrovina. Elizaveta Dubrovina, who was 19 at the time, had had some serious mental health issues in the past. She was admitted to mental health facilities twice for treatment.
Stefania’s career. Much of Stefania’s work involved posing nude or wearing very little clothing. Photographers described her as a shy, modest girl.
Rumors. There were rumors that 17-year-old Stefania worked as an escort and appeared in pornographic films. These claims appear to be unsubstantiated,
The sisters. Stefania and Elizaveta’s aunt described the girls’ childhood as “gruesome.” They were orphans and at one point ran away from an orphanage and went into hiding.
Their bond. Those who knew Elizaveta and Stefania described the sisters as being best friends. They spent all of their spare time together.
Jealousy. Many believe that Elizaveta was jealous of Stefania’s beauty and success. She often posted photos of herself in fancy cars or wearing expensive jewelry, indicating that she, also, was living an opulent lifestyle.
Stefania’s career. Stefania was getting more and more modeling opportunities. As her career took off, she also appeared at clubs and was always said to draw a crowd.
Her hair, her makeup. Allegedly, Elizaveta became obsessed with Stefania. She wore her hair like hers. She wore the exact same shade of lipstick.
Stefania’s personality. Stefania was described as quiet. She had a gentle nature.
Russian pride. Stefania was proud to be Russian. She often posted messages on social media praising her country.
The party. Stefania invited Elizaveta to join her at a party. The party was at the home of an older man, a photographer, who worked with Stefania.
A good time. According to the man who hosted the party, everyone seemed to be having a good time. He briefly left the apartment to buy more alcohol.
The attack. Elizaveta, fueled by drugs and jealousy, attacked her younger sister, She cut off her ears. She gouged out her eyes. She stabbed her over 140 times.
Unrecognizable. Stefania’s face and body were almost unrecognizable as a result of her injuries. Elizaveta was detained and underwent psychiatric evaluations to see if she was deemed fit to stand trial.

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