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Did You Notice Any Of These Movie Mistakes?

You have to be a really keen observer to notice them

Even the most colossal and Oscar awarded movies have their small faults. As the fans of the movies, we don’t really notice them sometimes, but picky watchers have pointed out few of the mistakes the most favorite movies have:

Pulp Fiction

Remember the scene when Mia Wallace chest was marked with a special pen marker. Well, later on, it somehow disappeared.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Looks like somebody forgot to put on the costume and remained on the ship in a regular white T-shirt, sunglasses, and a hat. Double check by yourself in the part of The Curse of the Black Pearl.

The Aviator

Here the deal is not about the camera fault, but the knowledge. Leo was ordering 10 chocolate chip cookies in one scene. The problem is that the movie was depicting the year 1928, while the chocolate chip cookies were only invented two years after.

Twilight Saga

Remember the romantic moment when Edward and Bella were having their moment in the sunny flower field. Well, what happened with sparkling when exposed to the sun?


Another confusion with historic facts happened in Titanic when Jack was telling a story about him and the father fishing in Lake Wissota. Not many are aware, but it was formed five years after Titanic sank.

Now you will watch these movies again in a different way, knowing what was screwed up just a bit, but such tiny mistakes don’t make these movies worse. They will still remain our favorite!

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