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Ghetto Girl Accidentally Shoots Herself After Bragging About Guns on Twitter

This is what happens when you stunt on Social media and it blow up in your face. Well, in this case… your foot.

Ghetto chick Woah Vicky has been a “social media sensation” these last few weeks. We have seen her post pics with her guns before but some how this time she shot one into her self.

Plaxico style.

Vicky claims she is black and even provided some test results to prove all of the haters wrong. No one could ever fake results like this on the internet. I think it is time people start to believe!

She stays stapped:

But…. doesn’t the gun need bullets? Or….

Sometimes acting like a thug doesn’t go as planned:


Bang Bang!

These tweets were already deleted from her page throwing in the question that she might have made this all up for more attention. Do we really think someone like her would do that though?! No way! She hates attention.Source: dudecomedy


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