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Ex-Pornstar Reacts to Brazzers Videos That She Appeared In

Today started like any other morning. I opened my phone, checked some apps and got to Twitter where I saw an attractive girl followed me with some other people. Spam bot right? No one real follows a loser like me… WRONG! She was real, we had posted about her before. AND SHE WANTED TO JOIN THE SQUAD.

Now we are internet best friends. I got to tell all my buddies that today I was just DM’ing with a former pornstar.

Over a year ago Pagie was formerly known and veronica vain who before that went viral for leaving wall street to do porn, QUIT!

Now she is making videos on YouTube and streaming games. One of the videos she thought would be great to react… Herself in porn!

Talk about awkward. I can’t remember the last time I had sex with the lights on.

She worte: Reacting to the porn I made with Brazzers! Ever wondered what a porn star thinks of the porn she made? Well wonder no more because I made this video specifically to satisfy your wondering about porn reactions! Love you guys!

Check out the video below and make sure to check out our newest internet friend who is going to start posting content with us here at Dudecomedy!

theveronicavain on snapchat (NSFW), and iampaigej on insta and twitter

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