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Weird Capabilities Of Women Bodies

Wow, that’s why women are so strange, lol

Men tend to say that women are kind of alien, so different they are comparing to men. Maybe they are right, as female body is capable of many unexpected things like:

Women are more

There are few men who can boast making a split with a smile on their faces, while women are not afraid to share their abilities.

Women live

And not because they are more cautious than men, but cause their immune system fights much better with all kinds of threats: external and internal.

One woman can give birth to more than 40

 Oh My,,,, some of us think how to make just one baby….and they say 40. So far the record belongs to the Russian woman from the 18th century who managed to give birth to 69 kids.

Breastfeeding gives women super

Why? Because the hormones are produced at a really high rate which influences brain and the body. Thus a woman becomes bolder, less nervous, finds happiness in small things and can literally read other’s minds.

Women have a better

That’s why they always know where is where in the house and that’s why they remember all the important dates, unlike the men. This is due to the fact that woman’s brain stores information in both hemispheres.

Women are able to grow a new organThe Motherhood Project –

And this new organ is placenta, which is responsible for taking care of the growing baby and the production of the hormones of the mother. However as soon as the baby is born, a placenta is also leaving the body.
Source: indigodaily


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