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10+ Incredible Before & After Pics Of People Who Beat Cancer That Will Make You Appreciate Life (10 Pics)

Few things in life are more difficult to beat than cancer, but as you can see from this inspiring before-and-after list compiled by GIGGAG, if there’s one thing tougher than cancer, it’s these guys.

All of the people in the pictures below have suffered from, and triumphed against, one of the leading causes of death in the world. Some of them were only children when they first received their diagnosis while others were already adults. Some were only given months to live and others had a 90% chance of dying. But whether they were battling ovarian cancer, brain tumors, Burkitt leukemia or Rhabdomyosarcoma cancer, these survivors never gave up, reminding us all of the tremendous power of the human spirit.

#1 First And Last Day Of 1st Grade – She Kicked Cancers Ass

My heart just melted

#2 4 Fights Against Cancer. 4 Surgeries, 55 Chemotherapies, 28 Radiation Treatments, And I Survived

 You can be so proud of yourself!

#3 1 Year Later. F*ck Cancer

 Strong and handsome again!

#4 F*ck Cancer – I Won

 I love the smile on her face <3

#5 Today, I Am Officially 10 Years Cancer Free! Here Is A Before And After Photo To Show How Far I’ve Come. Kicking Cancer’s Ass 10 Years And Counting

 Just awesome!

#6 Sophia Kicked Cancer In The Butt 3 Years Ago And She’s Still Healthy

 So sad to see kids going through chemo they barely understand what’s going. The after pic is so cute tho

#7 Missing The Hair, Not The Brain Tumor. Here’s To One Week Cancer-Free!

 wishing you well on a lifetime of good health!

#8 In 1999 I Was Diagnosed With Stage 4b Burkitts Leukemia. I Had A 90% Chance Of Dying, So We (My Parents And I) Opted To Try An Experimental Chemotherapy Regiment. It Worked! Today I’m 14 Years Cancer Free

 In this case I wonder is that experimental treatment considered common place now, or some thing that was made to disappear.

#9 Exactly One Year Ago To The Day… Stage IV Rhabdomyosarcoma Cancer Survivor. 19 Years Old. Was Given Three Months To Live, 14 Months Later I Am Clear Of Cancer

 Long long happy Life!!!

#10 3-Year-Old Rylie, 6-Year-Old Rheann, And 4-Year-Old Ainsley Recreated Their Viral Photo 3 Years Later. All The Girls Are Now Cancer Free

 beautiful souls 🙂

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