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6 Trips Every Woman Should Take Before 40

When you reach this age your true life just starts

There is a very good saying: 40 is a new 20 and those who have already celebrated their 40th birthday will prove it to you. However, for women, this age is life changing that’s why traveling is one of the best ways to explore yourself:

1.Take a camping trip. Like back in childhood with tents and sleeping bags. You have to try it out again when adult at least to prove that it is not your favorite one.

2.A Europe tour. Rent a car or a book a train ticket and explore the whole continent. You will have a chance to have a different life in every single European country.

3.Girl’s trip. Leave your men at home to take care of the kids and plan a true girl’s trip with lots of girl talks, morning brunches, shopping and getting wasted by the hotel pool.

4.Take your parents for vacation. Spend some quality time with your parents, they are old and lonely, wishing to be more around you and grandkids. You will remember how fun it is actually to be with your parents.

5.A solo trip. Scary? Not at all. This is a chance to spend time with your own thoughts, doubts, fears and simply enjoy the time alone. Remember when was the last time you could be just by yourself with no calls, kids running around and a hubby looking for his clothes.

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6.A luxury getaway. If your budget allows – choose the chic hotel in the remote destination and forget about saving on the accommodation. Book a room with infinity pool and enjoy a vacation with your boyfriends, husband, girlfriends or on your own!
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