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7 Things To Do Before Summer Ends

Make a plan for the last summer week

The official summer is going to an end in a week, however, we all know that half of September will still let us enjoy the sunny weather. While many of you are going back to school or work after vacation it is not the reason to give up on summer days, as there are few activities you can still do:

1. Drive-in movie

Romantic and fun, depending whom do you go with. But this is probably the best alternative to watching a movie at home. Get some friends or your beloved, prepare a glass of wine and snacks and enjoy your movie under the stars.

2. Baseball game

Americans do have a favorite way to spend their free time โ€“ watching a baseball game, preferably live, sitting in the stadium. Be a true fan, scream, and shout, it is a great stress release!

3. City festivals and fairs

Summer is the time for cities food festivals and fairs. Creative handmade arts and crafts, freshly made food, attractions โ€“ sounds like a perfect weekend!

4. BBQ

And not just the meat. You can grills basically everything, from veggies to fish and even sweets! No need to stay in the boring kitchen, get outside, call some friends and make a nice BBQ party!

5. Swimming

No summer can pass by without swimming in the lake, sea, ocean or at least a pool. It is a great way to spend time with family or friends, as there are many things to see around except swimming!

6. Work from the beach

Are you a freelancer? Then this is the best option for you. Grab your working laptop and work from the beach. What can be more inspiring and exciting? And whenever you feel tired, refresh yourself with a swim or order a cocktail, nobody will know.

7. Picnic

If you got tired from the local venues, make a picnic with your friends or beloved in the nearest park or green lane. Some people even have a tradition, which originates from France to gather every Sunday in the park, and bringing some fresh bakery and fruit, wine and cheese and spending Sunday brunch by sitting on the fresh grass and enjoying the company with exquisite and simple food.

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