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Funny Ways Students Cheat On Tests

Remember yourself being a student

Student times, many of us remember it as the best period in our life: boring lectures, sleepless nights, parties and of course tests. We didn’t study for a whole year and in one or two nights were hoping to get ready for the exam. Some of us managed to pass through, thanks to small cheating, like:

Writing on the wrist. On the part of your hand which is covered with a sleeve. It is an old traditional method, which actually worked very well for many of us. Just one single move of your long-sleeved shirt and the answer is shown.

Back of the calculator. Most of the tests in math or physics allow carrying a calculator with you. So use it wisely and write a small note just on the back.

A piece of paper. If the test has many questions, you can always write shorts answer on the small note pads and keep them in the pocket. Quick tip: don’t write whole sentences, doesn’t make sense. Write tips and thesis, to give you a hint what is going to be an answer. Thus, in such case, if the note is found, nobody will understand it.

On the nails. Seriously ladies. Most of the girls have fancy long nails with the most unpredictable designs. You can write answers on top of the nails and make it look like a design.

Soles of the shoes. It is very creative: you can either stick a note to the sole, but make sure it doesn’t fall off.

Bottle of water. Everybody allows bringing a bottle of water with you, right? Attach the answers to your test on the cover with ingredients and place the water next to your paper.
Source: indigodaily


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