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Veteran Arrested From Heated Road Rage Incident That Went Viral

I never thought they would track this dude down and actually arrest him. Even if the first post we made I wrote, “Sadly, nothing will probably happen to this dude and he will end up doing this again”


Remember this guy?!

Here is a little more background on the first incident and of course the video:

The video starts with the girl recording saying “This is road rage at its finest,”

According to her Facebook post, her and her boyfriend were on Old Stage Road en route to a hiking trip when they were confronted by a man who apparently was trying to pass them on the road.

“What the f— is wrong with you! You wouldn’t get out of my way with your little car.”

He then goes on to keep saying he is a combat vet and they should just back off.

Well, look at him now!

According to Fox21:  A man involved in a road rage incident that was the subject of a widely-circulated video earlier this week has been arrested, according to the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office.

The incident happened Sunday on Old Stage Road. Deputies said the victim was driving slowly down the road when a Suburban driven by 28-year-old Chad Huntsinger began to tailgate him. Huntsinger tried to pass the victim on a narrow and curvy part of Old Stage Road, and was almost run off the road, according to deputies. The suspect then yelled profanities at the victim. The victim continued to drive, and eventually pulled over in an area where there were other cars around, according to deputies.

Huntsinger then got out of his car, walked up to the victim’s window, and started yelling, according to deputies. He reached into the victim’s car and hit him several times. The victim’s girlfriend used her cellphone to record the entire incident.

Huntsinger is charged with first-degree criminal trespass, third-degree assault, two counts of harassment, and menacing.
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