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Cyclists Are Safe Now With This New Ring Of Red Light

Awesome invention for the evening cyclists

The popularity of bikes is widely spreading all over the world and every city is trying to make sure there are enough bike lanes built. However the issue of evening rides still remains and many cyclists don’t feel safe to go on the road in the evening. Just for the sake of their own life. Some countries have a rule to wear reflecting tapes on the clothes in order to stay visible for the car drivers, however it still doesn’t solve the problem. Therefore Michelin – a tire manufacturer has invented something to protect the cyclists lives. The technology is called – Bikesphere and it works extremely simple. You set it up just in the middle of the handlebars and it  projects with a laser a red light around the biker.

Thanks to this circles the safety distance for the driver and a cyclists is shown. As you are aware, many drivers don’t really respect the distance and that’s why so many accidents happen on the roads between cyclists and car drivers.
However this red light is not just a simple light. It is a smart device, which detects the time when a cyclist is in danger with a help of sensors. Bikesphere has  specific lights which are checking what is going on around the bicycle. In case there is a car coming close to the bike, the red light is projected to alert both of the drivers about the danger.

During the day time the light recharges the batteries and turns on a so called position lights. Drive safe with such awesome event!

Source: indigodaily


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