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Capture Moments Of Your Life With Snapchat Spectacles

Turn virtual into reality

The fans of Snapchat should applause as this new gadget is designed specially for those who are addicted to this program. Snapchat Spectacles is a funny glasses with in built video camera which allow you to snap the video live, the way it goes without a need to pull out the phone from the pocket. The maximum length of the live video is around 10 seconds and it is extremely easy to use this tool.

You can always extend the video for 30 seconds, however they are going to be separated in 10 seconds videos once you try to watch them on your phone. The view field is pretty huge – 115 degrees and when using Snapchat on your phone you can rotate it from portrait to landscape to see more of the picture.

As you are aware Snapchat is mostly popular among the young generation , however few of the adults find it funny and witty as well. That’s why the designers decided to take the whole game on a different level presenting such spectacles. In order to record the video – you need to press one button only and the design of the glasses themselves is light, simply and fits basically everybody. Snapchat spectacles are available in few colors: black, red and blue and they are very cozy to wear even though they might look a bit cheap from the outside.

You can store up to 200 videos on the glasses, but don’t forget to transfer them to your phone via Bluetooth and Wi Fi. As for the battery: according to Snapchat it can survive up to 100 recordings, which is more than enough right?
It is really fun and enjoyable to use while you are taking a walk, playing games and basically when you are on the way. As you don’t have to stop what you are engaged with in order to record what is going on around you.

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