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What Your Sofa Style Can Say About Your Personality?

The style of your furniture pieces can tell more than you!

Once guests step into your house, they can get a pretty good picture of what kind of person you are. And this is not about the cleanness and tidiness in your house, though this matters as well. Just recall the last time you visited your friend’s house. You automatically pay attention to the décor and furniture arrangement in the house, type of the furniture and overall style of the interior. Among all the details, sofa plays a major role, as this is the place where we spend our evenings, so we pay extra attention to it while choosing and this is why it can say really a lot about you:

English roll arm

English style is always associated with classic style and if you are the owner of one, you are such kind of person who likes it classy, but not too much formal. Such sofas are casual with a twist, plus it is comfortable. Classic style with a note of sophistication – this is who you are.


On this sofa it is definitely not allowed to eat and no possible to have a nap. It is a sophisticated piece of the furniture which encourages a good talk, but not casual with a glass of beer. Instead you probably have a glass of wine or fine whiskey. Nobody ever saw you on this couch with slacks and bowl of chips in the hand.

Lawson style

This is a family style couch, meaning you are a very warm person, who likes to spend his Sunday mornings with a fresh newspaper and a cup of coffee. It is a perfect spot for longing, either by yourself or family around.


Became rather popular recently. People who choose such big, cozy sofas are thinking already how many people can fit in. So you like to have your friends or family coming around and spending time in your house. You are likely to have a large coffee table in front, where the cups, glasses and treats can be fitted.

What kind of sofa do you have?

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