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Tired Of Flip Flops? You Need a Summer Pad

This feet protection pad will replace the shoes

The best thing about the summer is taking off the heavy and bulky clothes and switching it for light dresses and shirts. Along with that you say bye to your boots and say hello to flip flops. But honestly, what can be better than walking around barefoot? We do try to look for shoes that are extremely light and those you almost not feel on your feet at all, right? You are not the only one like that. Now, instead of looking for flip flops, you can start searching for the summer staple. The idea is getting viral and you will understand why.

Italian brand Nakefit heard the prays of the customers who hate sandals and any kind of shoes, but still want to protect their soles of course. The designers created a sticky feet pads which are hypoallergenic and all you need to do is to stick them to the bottom of your feet.

The pad performs the same function as regular flip flops, you can walk around, stepping on warm and cold surfaces and your feet are going to be protected while the top will be exposed to fresh air and sunshine.

One more advantage of the summer pad is that it is waterproof, so no more need for special swimming shoes which we always take with us to the seaside.

The project is still on and the designers are collecting money on Kirkstarter and looks like they reached the budget, so pretty soon you can order your own summer pads and variety of colors is available!

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