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The U.S. Government Finally Confirms That Cannabis Kills Cancer Cells

For almost a century, cannabis has been seen as being a very bad gateway drug which leads to the use of more dangerous and addictive substances. Many governments and religious leaders have ridiculed and banned the use of it (cannabis), yet for quite a few years society has been aware of all the amazing health benefits that marijuana holds.

Various studies through the years have shown the beneficial effects of cannabis on diseases and ailments such as HIV/Aids, Lyme disease, Alzheimer’s disease, asthma, glaucoma, epilepsy and Crohn’s disease to name but a few.

However, even though marijuana is advantageous for numerous diseases/ailments, and has over more than 700 known medicinal uses, the benefits it holds with relation to cancer are the ones everyone seems the most interested in. So interested in fact that when the U.S. government finally admitted a while ago that cannabis/marijuana has been shown to kill cancer cells, everyone was elated but shocked.

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The NCI (National Cancer Institute).

 As stated above in opening, the U.S. National Cancer Institute (which is the federal government’s principal agency for cancer research and training), admitted that cannabis does, in fact, kill cancer cells without harming normal cells; a revelation so monumental that news of it has resurfaced and is doing the rounds yet again all over social media!

A page supporting the advantages of cannabis regarding cancer.

 The National Cancer Institute (which also forms part of the United States Department of Health), has included a page on their website which supports the advantages of cannabis as a potent and worthwhile treatment for various forms of cancer.

Ways of administering treatment.

 On the page, the NCI has stated that ‘cannabinoids’ are useful in treating cancer and the side effects associated with the disease. It is suggested that consuming them (cannabinoids) in the form of baked goods and/or teas, smoking them and even making use of liquid spray forms of the herb cannabis, are all effective ways of administering treatment.

Various benefits for Cancer.

 According to the page, cannabis not only (in addition to its other benefits), acts as a valuable stress relief and anti-anxiety treatment for cancer sufferers, but also an anti-viral and anti-tumor agent to boot; in that marijuana can even destroy the types of cancer cells associated with brain and other tumors!

Other benefits.

 On the NCI cannabis page, mention is even made of the fact that marijuana has various other benefits such as the treatment of spasms associated with multiple sclerosis for example.

Negative effects do however exist.

 Unfortunately, the use of marijuana has been shown to have some negative effects as well, such as possibly having the capacity of harming the reproductive systems of both men and women.

Other bad news.

 Of course, as the page also points out, “both cannabis and cannabinoids may be addictive”. Also, withdrawal from the substance has various negative side-effects associated with it, which may or may not include:





 Hot flashes. 

 Nausea and cramping (although very rare).


 Welcome news.


 In general most campaigners, medical researchers, doctors and the general public have welcomed the news of the government’s newfound attitude towards and admittance of the benefits of medical marijuana. 

Much optimism.

 Many are optimistic that this ‘new attitude’ the U.S. government has adopted with regards to cannabis might lead to a more open and accepting attitude with regards to the use of marijuana for medical purposes.


 Internationally many campaigns for and against the use of marijuana for medical purposes have existed for many years. Those campaigns against its use have pretty much made it an issue regarding morality.

Things might change.

 However, the hopes are now that the American government is seeing marijuana in a new light, the rest of the current naysayers will follow suit.

I guess all we can do now is wait and see what the future holds regarding all this.

Debbie Nel

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