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6 Photogenic Poses That Always Work For You

Try them in front of the mirror first!

Nowadays everybody is obsessed with taking pictures, selfies and so on. Every second one is considering himself a professional photographer and all our lives have turned into one series of photos. However, it often happens that when a time comes to take a picture you are not quite sure how to pose,it feels awkward and uncomfortable. To make your pictures stand out and look natural on the Instagram follow these advises:

1.Lean against the wall. Ideally find a colorful wall, so it could serve as an awesome background and it will make you look relaxed, even if you are

2.Don’t be shy to play with your clothes. Recall childhood and touch your skirt or dress. It makes a photo look cute and childish.Konstantin Lelyak

3.The sunglasses. The trick with sunglasses: imagine that they are slipping down and you just need to adjust them. It will look like a camera caught a perfect

4.Hide your hands. If your outfit has pockets, put the hands in. Give a smile and your image will immediately turn into cute and romantic

5.Walk. Many of us feel uncomfortable in the picture because we have to stop in some pose. It feels really unnatural, that’s why keep walking but slow and you will achieve a perfect

6.Don’t look into camera. The trick of getting a perfect shot is not looking into the camera. Gaze away, focus your eyes on something else, let the camera find your

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