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13 Celebrities You Would Love To Follow For Their Sexy, Macho Looks

A fan always admires the pictures of celebrities for how beautiful or handsome they look even when they’re in casual wear.

But not many of us know that how hard they worked to gain their dapper look.

Well, self-improvement is not an easy task, especially when it comes to our physical appearance. It is because we can hardly control it. The celebrities we admire for the beauty, aren’t born that way. And a lot of credit for their glamorous appearance go to their lavish lifestyle, extraordinary living and extravagant beauty treatments and expensive cosmetics brands.

However, if we’d get the chance to pose like celebrities, and if we can afford makeups and afford medical procedures, then undoubtedly, we would look not any less than a celebrity.

We at WittyFeed have tracked 13 famous celebrities who worked on their looks.

Read on to know about them.

Chris Pratt

 In his teenage, the American actor believed that the talent wasn’t enough to be successful and later realised that he has looks that are inappropriate for the actor. He worked on himself, and looking at him now; no one would say that he ever lacked self-confidence.

Katy Perry

 American singer Katy Perry wasn’t pleased with the kind of body she had in her teens. She used to wear body shaper Spanx innerwear as she had a dream to be a model. As Katy started to get famous, she worked on herself.

David Beckham

 In his young age, the former international footballer used to care less about his appearance. He passionately dedicated himself to football. Only when he started to get famous, David started caring about his appearance, and the results are before us now.


 When you look at her revealing outfits in her concerts today, you won’t believe that this famous Lebanese-Colombian singer was ashamed of her body in younger days.

Justin Timberlake, American singer-actor

 “Everything for which you’re being ridiculed, everything that makes you strange in others’ eyes as a child, will lead you to success in adulthood,” Justin had once said.

Rihanna, Barbadian singer, songwriter, and actress

 Rihanna one said, “We always find flaws in ourselves, and I’ve been able to believe in myself just because of the success which I have received.”  

Woah! It seems Rihanna is indeed a real Wonder Woman.

 This is not her image. But this is how she appears to have transformed. 

Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock.

 Dwayne Johnson, the American actor, producer, and professional wrestler, started the journey of self-improvement in his childhood. Inspired from within, this tough guy has worked hard to get what he wanted. 

Nicki Minaj, Trinidadian-born American rapper, singer, songwriter and model

 In her childhood, the rapper Nicki struggled with some complexities issues about her appearance. But her immense success in showbiz proved her wrong. But she has been working hard on herself. Today, she is one of the most self-obsessed people. 

Adam Noah Levine,  American singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, actor, and record producer

 He has been experimenting with his looks since his youth days, and that continues even today. The singer is constantly trying to do something with unique with his image, as he has a huge female following. 

Demi Moore, American actress

 Demi, in her childhood, had suffered from strabismus. At the initial level of her career, she underwent two surgeries to fix the issue. Strabismus is a disease in which person can’t control blink of an eye, and loses control over eye muscles over time.

Kate Hudson, American actress

 Kate’s parents dreamed for an ordinary profession for their daughter, as they believed their daughter didn’t look good. However, nothing could stop Kate from following her dream, and today she is one of the famous Hollywood actresses.

Kate Winslet, English actress

 The Reader and Titanic star, Kate Winslet, was considered fatty and was teased for it at school. Still, a few years later, she decided to join films and worked on her looks.

January Jones

 The American actress and model has a huge fan following. She is afraid of plastic surgeries, which is part of life for celebrities.

Do you like them?

 Well, these celebrities have transformed themselves by working hard on themselves. Yes, money is important, but money alone doesn’t work.

That’s all, folks!

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