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Hallerbos โ€“ Stunning Blue Forest

This natural miracle can be found in Belgium

The country of waffles and delicious beer has more than just gastronomical wonders. Tourists often head to this part of Europe to enjoy the old architecture, walk down traditional European streets and have a taste of really old Europe. In spite of the small size of the country, it really has a lot to offer, just have a look at such cities as Ghent, Bruge and Antwerp. Brussles is of course the pearl of the country however not in April. This month and until middle of May you should enjoy nothing else but the Hallerbos or the Blue Forest, which becomes a totally blue field of bluebells in this period. Just imagine 1360 acre being covered with a carpet fully blossoming with these flowers, covering not the just the ground but climbing on top of the trees and surrounding bushes.

Guests have a chance to endulge the nature by strolling the paths, watching passing by rabbits and even deers hiding inside the flowers and vibrant green woods. Photographers are attracted by this place thanks to the foggy air, which creates mysteriously gorgeous atmosphere.

Where is this beauty located? You can find the Blue forest in the Halle municipality, the area located just in between Flanders and Wallonia. Many visitors neglect this sport due to the location, however if you look carefully at the route, you will realize it is not that far from Brussels.

Hallerbos is not the only one Blue forest located in Europe, as this phenomenon is quite popular, especially in the old forests. However, what makes this place so special is the amount of bluebells and their density.

Amazing spot and definitely worth of visiting!
Source: indigodaily


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