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15 Engineering Fails Which Are Almost Too Stupid To Be True

Engineers are incredibly clever people who aim to improve the world we live in through expert innovations and design ideas. Normally they are able to provide genius solutions to problems and in a nutshell, make outs lives a lot easier! However, these 15 people have done the exact opposite and have come up with some ideas which are almost too stupid to be true.

1. Potentially the most confusing set of stairs ever.

2. Whilst these stairs may be wheelchair accessible, I’m too sure of the purpose other than to see the tops of houses.

3. This gate probably doesn’t provide the best security.

4. This door obviously leads to Narnia.

5. This seems like some sort of bath time lottery.

6. Probably the most dangerous playground ride ever.

7. Yeah…I’m going to take the stairs instead.

8. The only things this barrier will stop are pedestrians!

9. There’s no chance of anyone looking over your shoulder at this ATM!

10. The phrase “an accident waiting to happen” has never been so relevant.

11. Wow, this place must really dislike their customers.

12. I’m guessing you get that room at a discount price.

13. Problem-solving at its finest.

14. I feel like these seats are a very last resort.

15. I think they’ve missed the point slightly.

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