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Why Do You Need To Put A Coin Inside The Freezer?

Only if you have to leave your house for the long period of time

It might sound very strange: why on earth do you need to place a coin inside the freezer? The answer is very simple and concerns food poisoning. How many of us know when was the exact time we placed certain foods inside the freezer? Especially if you leave for vacation, this is going to be the last thing you think about. But what if the power goes down, and all your meats and other items can get defrosted? If consuming bad and rotten food is not a part of your plan, consider trying the following trick with a coin.

All you have to do is filling up a glass with water and placing inside the freezer until the water gets frozen. Then simply put the coin on top of the iced water and return it back to the spot in the freezer.

When you come back from vacation and are ready for the freezer check up, pay attention to the following: if the coin happened to be on the bottom of the glass, the power did actually go off for long time, so your food has enough time to melt and then get frozen again. If you have there any gentle foods, better toss it into the trash. But if the coin remained on top of the glass, it means the food is totally safe.

It is a rather simple trick and doesn’t require any effort. But at least you will be aware if the power was off by any chance and if your food is safe for consumption or no.

Source: indigodaily


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