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This Crazy Water Tornado Will Swirl You Down Into A Shopping Mall

This huge mall has the best attraction ever

Singapore is well known for its extravagant attractions, that are totally mind blowing miracles of architecture and design. One of such innovating designs can be found in a shopping mall, which honestly reminds more of a luxury resort rather than simple set of shops.

Located in Singapore, this legendary Marina Bay Sands Shopping Mall consists of hundreds of tiny shops, dining venues, exquisite cafes and lounge bars. But this is not what makes this shopping mall one of the most visited spots in the area. Just in the middle of whole building there is a quite river running through it, which slowly turns into absolutely crazy fountain, called “Rain Oculus”. The whirlpool is falling from the top through two stores until crashed into the pool at the bottom, attracting the gazes of both adults and kids. Some are crazy enough to take a boat ride even!

Whenever you head for the next shopping inside this huge mall, don’t pass by the waterfalls, but stay a bit next to it – the view is mesmerizing and truly worth of it. A small piece of nature inside the huge architectural complex.
One more interesting fact about the whirlpool is that it uses a rainwater for its performance instead of fresh and drinking one. Spectacular, right? Moreover, this water is later on used for the toilet flush.
Just have a look at this video to get a full impression on how powerful it looks like.

Source: indigodaily


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