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This Smart Plate Can Analyze Your Food

If you can’t take control over the food you consume, this plate will do it for you

According to few researches the size of your plate matters when you are trying to lose extra weight. The most common advice is to split your food in small portions and have around 5 meals per day right? But it takes a lot of self will to switch from your favorite plate for the small one. And then, there is nobody to tell you to skip the second portion.

The new invention – SmartPlate TopVies is designed to track and analyze any kind of food you place on this plate. Moreover it will give you personal advices and guidance on how you can improve your health by choosing right food. Smart plate comes in three different colors to match any kind of personality and has a smooth design. What is even better, it can be used for microwaves and dishwashers without any fear and precautions.

The plate is composed from three parts: the plate itself, a countertop dock and of course a free application for your smartphone. There are also three trays which can fit in three various foods. Thanks to the small weights, each time you place the tray on the dock, it will calculate the weight of your meals placed on every tray. Thanks to the photo recognition feature it will also detect what kind of foods you are going to consume – carbs, protein or fats. After couple of such meals intakes, the SmartPlate will offer you several diets programs and advises to maintain healthy eating.
Source: indigodaily


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