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10 Handsome Old Men That Will Make You Weak at the Knees

Celebrities might be getting younger and younger every year, but these silver foxes will surely make you reconsider your opinion on older men.

These gorgeous men who are approaching their fifties or, in most cases, are well into their fifties, look nothing like your regular old grandpa. In fact these handsome old men will turn the head of every grandma, mother and even a young girl. Take a look at these 10 handsome old men and trust me, you won’t regret it.

1. Mark Reay, 57

This guy sure looks great for his age, but can you believe that he used to be homeless for 6 years? Oh yeah, he was a model first, then became a photographer and while he was hanging out with the creme de la creme of the fashion industry he had no home to go to and slept rough on the streets of New York.

2. Ron Jack Foley

It’s unclear how old he is, but who cares about age, look at that body and let’s just say that silver hair is working for him.

3. Aiden Brady, 50

You probably know who Aiden is. He’s quite famous what with being a model, author, musician and an all around talented and gorgeous man.

4. Irvin Randle, 54

This hot grandpa went viral and was dubbed “Mr Steal Your Grandma”. He found out about his social media success from his friends and family when they called him to tell that he’s trending on twitter.

At the time Irvin didn’t even know what trending meant and he wasn’t on twitter. He’s actually just a normal granda, with 2 grandkids, he’s an elementary school teacher and has been for 22 years. Well, with a side of modelling now.

5. Philippe Dumas, 66

All it took this hot Frenchman named Philippe to become a model was growing a beard and paying a bit more attention to how he dressed himself. Oh, and he was 60 at the time, did we mention that?

6. Alessandro Manfredini, 48

Alessandro’s stardom began in a very strange way. A house he had just bought was demolished by an earthquake, and to deal with his grief Alessandro decided to grow a beard.

Back in the day he had no idea it would be a stepping stone for his career. He shared his progress on Instagram and pretty soon this silver fox got noticed by the right people in the modeling business.

7. Eric Rutherford

Look at this gorgeous speciman, ladies. Eric is a pretty big deal these days, since he’s one of the most sought after faces in men’s fashion. That silver hair and a smoldering look is really something, isn’t it?

8. Anthony Varrecchia, 53

If you want to look good take a lesson from this guy. He’s 53, but age is just a number. He takes care of himself, works out to keep in shape and he’s turning heads of people half his age. Now that’s what I call a handsome man.

9. Nick Wooster, 56

Obviously this list of handsome old men wouldn’t be complete without the gorgeous and impeccably stylish Nick Wooster. Did he start the silver fox trend that we’re seeing these days? Hard to tell, but we’re definitely not complaining.

10. T. Michael , 50

T Michael isn’t even a model. He’s a tailor and a fashion designer from Bergen. But he’s also clearly a man of great style, fasion and he looks pretty freaking gorgeous, don’t you think?

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