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4 Beverages A Barista Would Never Order In The Coffee Shop

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There is no better advice as for the service tricks than from a person who is working every day in this sphere. Hotel employees can always advise you the best room, waiters know exactly which dish they would never suggest a good customer and baristas share their own opinion on the beverages they would skip ordering if they were a customer:

Extra hot americano

Unfortunately barista has no power to take over the control of your beverage unless you ordered a cappuccino or latte which is done with a steamed milk. Otherwise they will serve you a regular hot water which comes for every single drink. What they can do is to warm it up in the microwave…but that ruins all the fanciness of Americano right away.

Bone dry cappuccino

For those who don’t know bone-dry cappuccino is something in between the wet dry cappuccino. What makes it different are the bubbles in the foam which are tough to make and in end of the day you won’t feel any taste of the drink but swallow bubbles instead.

Skim soy latte

Don’t want to disappoint you, but there is no such thing as skim soy latte. You can get latte with soy milk or with skim milk – no problem…but two in one…impossible.

Cappuccino with almond milk

When it come to cappuccino, it is the light foam made of steamed milk that makes a difference. However if you try to make foam out of the almond milk – the only result you achieve is an almond milk with a bit thicker texture. The taste will be delicious anyway, but it will hardly be a cappuccino you ordered.
Source: indigodaily


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