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The World’s Most Flexible Woman Shows Her Skills

Zlata has won a title of the most flexible woman in the world, and you will understand why

There are people who can control and twist their body in the most incredible way. When you look at them the only thing that comes to your mind is – they have no bones or they are made of plastic instead. Otherwise, how could you even take such a position?

One of the best examples is a Russian artist – Zlata who has incredibly flexible body. 29 year old beautiful girl used to be a gymnast in the past. After divorce with her husband a year ago, she decided to take another turn in her career and launched a series of photos showing how flexible and charming she can be at the same time. A calendar with a bright collection of mindblowing pictures, where woman defeats all the laws of physics and biology had a really great impact and served as a way to sooth her pain.

In such a young age, Zlata is already a member of The Guinness World Records book : she is the only person in the world who can easily fit into 50 cm box.

Girl’s talent was discovered in the early childhood and already from the age of 6 she started practicing as a contortionist at a circus school. Since than trainings became a part of her life and she is always working on maintaining her shape and skills for the world shows.

The following video will definitely impress you!

Source: indigodaily


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