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Justice for Fiona – cruel people put rocket fireworks in her face and set them off!

Municipality of Celaya, Guanajuato province, Mexico: Fiona was just a gentle, harmless stray cat that did not deserve any of this. Sadly, she fell victim to a group of sick people that thought seeing her suffer would make a terrific experience. Those heartless individuals placed rocket fireworks in the cat’s face and set them off. They walked away as the rocket exploded, hitting the poor animal with full force.

Fiona was left in a pool of blood on the streets of Celaya, helpless and barely alive. Luckily, a good Samaratian discovered her and rushed her to the vet, where everyone was simply shocked by this case. Fiona was left with a shattered jaw, her right eye was hanging out of its socket, as well as numerous other injuries. She was in severe pain and vets performed a series of tests, only to conclude that the best course of action was humane euthanasia. Fiona was therefore put down, to avoid further suffering.

Raul Rodriguez Velasquez, the good Samaritan that rescued the cat, broke the sad story on social media. He managed to raise funds to cremate Fiona’s remains.

As we speak, the perpetrators continue to remain at large, probably they still have some leftover fireworks from Christmas and New Year’s Eve party and, as witnessed, they are not afraid to use them to harm innocent creatures. These cruel individuals must be apprehended and taken off the streets immediately, before more animals are harmed.

Support justice for Fiona – she was completely innocent and deserves nothing of this. Demand an investigation to those responsible can pay for all the suffering they have caused to this poor soul.

Fiona was discovered in a pool of blood on the streets of Celaya, in Mexico.

She was rescued by a good Samaritan and rushed to the hospital.

Sadly, she was put to sleep to prevent further suffering.


Source: dailypetition | Source: celayasincensura


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